"2024 National Education Excellent Case Collection" activity was launched today

& emsp; & emsp; Xinhuanet, Beijing, May 8th. The 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China proposed that “insist on educating people for the party, educating talents for the country, comprehensively improving the quality of talent cultivation of talents, focusing on creating top -notch innovative talents, using the world’s talents to use it and use it.”” “.As a comprehensive news information service portal hosted by the National News Agency Xinhua News Agency, Xinhuanet continues to use a deep perspective, firm belief, and multiple strategies to promote the development of education, and constantly inject the vitality of the comprehensive development and innovation transformation of the education field.

& emsp; & emsp; In order to better focus on all levels of institutions, enterprises and institutions at all levels, promote and promote innovative measures and advanced experiences of various institutions, enterprises and institutions.Xinhuanet will launch the “2024 National Education Excellent Case Collection” event with the theme of “Shouzheng · Innovation · Future”.Enterprise and institutional innovation measures and advanced experience.

& emsp; & emsp; collection direction is divided into: public welfare education, ingenuity figures, ideological politics and education, employment and entrepreneurship, digital education, scientific and technological innovation, career education, teachers’ professional development, smart education auxiliary, quality education, integration of production and education, vocational education enterprises, vocational education enterprises, International Education, Pioneer Brand, and Example Group, including the fifteen categories, each category will screen out ten excellent typical cases.

& emsp; & emsp; during the case collection, the case review committee formed by experts and scholars will make a preliminary screening case.Xinhuanet will produce a topic for outstanding cases for publicity and publicity.

& emsp; & emsp; Excellent case list will be announced at the 15th anniversary of the Xinhuanet Education Forum.

& emsp; & emsp; Annex 1:

“2024 National Education Excellent Case Collection” notation

& emsp; & emsp;1. Call of content

& emsp; & emsp; Outstanding case solicitation activities focus on examples of various institutions, enterprises and institutions at all levels, and the solicitation direction is divided into 15 categories. Each category will be screened out of ten excellent typical cases.

& emsp; & emsp; specific direction and requirements are as follows:

& emsp;& emsp; 1. Excellent case of public welfare education

& emsp; & emsp; take social responsibility and public welfare spirit as the core driving force, pay attention to the education needs of disadvantaged groups or underdeveloped areas, and promote excellent cases of education fairness, improve the quality of education, and solve education issues.

& emsp;& emsp; 2. Outstanding case of ingenuity

& emsp; & emsp; long -term participating in education, relying on deep educational concepts and extensive social influence, promoting the spirit of educators, and promoting the development and construction of high -quality teachers.

& emsp; & emsp;3. Excellent cases of ideological and educating people

& emsp; & emsp; take the core of strengthening the cultivation of ideological and political quality of elementary and middle schools as the core, implement the fundamental tasks of Lideshu, enrich the ideological education of students in the new era, promote the high -quality development of ideological and political education in various schools, and continue to create new ideological and political education new new education education.Excellent case of the situation.

& emsp; & emsp;4. Excellent cases of employment and entrepreneurship

& emsp; & emsp; improve the adaptability of higher education and social needs, improve the training of college talents, realize the excellent cases of stages and diversified employment, and promote the employment and entrepreneurship of college students.

& emsp;& emsp; 5. Excellent cases of digital education

& emsp; & emsp; promote the education reform of each segment, rely on digital industries such as big data and artificial intelligence, explore cutting -edge issues such as “Internet+Education”, innovative teaching models, application scenarios, establishing digital education cooperation mechanisms, etc., and empower digital education digitalizationExcellent case.

& emsp;& emsp; 6. Excellent case of scientific and technological innovation

& emsp; & emsp; closely integrate scientific and technological innovation with education and teaching, promote scientific education and science popularization work in various sections, vigorously promote the development of science and technology education, and cultivate excellent cases with innovative and practical ability.

& emsp;& emsp; 7. Outstanding case of career education

& emsp; & emsp; help build voluntary reporting, scientific selection, and top innovative talent selection in the context of the new college entrance examination, monitor the healthy development of young people and guide young people to clarify the direction of career planning and employment, establish the excellent outlook on success, employment, and career selection.Case.

& emsp;& emsp; 8. Excellent case of teachers’ professional development

& emsp; & emsp; show the professional growth and progress of teachers in the process of education and teaching, including excellent cases of innovative practice in teachers’ training and teaching research.

& emsp;& emsp; 9. Excellent cases of smart teaching aids

& emsp; & emsp; highlight the excellent quality of teaching auxiliary materials, emphasize the richness and innovation of content, reflect the wisdom characteristics of teaching auxiliary materials, and its excellent cases in education.

& emsp;& emsp; 10, excellent cases of quality education

& emsp; & emsp; aimed at promoting the comprehensive development of students, excellent cases of improving students’ comprehensive quality through ability training, cross -disciplinary integration practice, and interest in interest.

& emsp; & emsp;11. Excellent case of production and education integration

& emsp; & emsp; break the barriers between education and industry, realize the organic connection between the education chain, talent chain and industry chain, and innovation chain, and deepen the excellent cases of industry -educated integration in terms of school -enterprise cooperation, mechanism innovation, and talent training model reform.Essence

& emsp; & emsp;12. Excellent cases of vocational education enterprises

& emsp; & emsp; social enterprises focusing on vocational education, continuing education, and vocational skills training, improve the overall quality of social vocational education, and cultivate excellent cases that adapt to technical and skill talents needed for economic development.

& emsp; & emsp; 13. Excellent case of international education

& emsp; & emsp; In the two aspects of “introduction” and “going global”, China Unicom has high -quality education resources at home and abroad, promotes high -level education to the outside world, and cultivates excellent cases to promote international education exchanges and cooperation.

& emsp; & emsp;14. Pioneer brand excellent case

& emsp; & emsp; deeply cultivate specific areas in the education industry, lead the industry’s development direction, and demonstrate the excellent cases of extraordinary achievements and social value in the education segment.

& emsp; & emsp;15. Example Group Outstanding Case

& emsp; & emsp; In the aspects of meeting the needs of educational development, it involves diversified education services, large -scale operations, and special curriculum system construction. It has high visibility and social influence at home and abroad to promote the construction of an educational power.

& emsp; & emsp; three, solicitation time

& emsp; & emsp; May 10, 2024 to October 20, 2024

& emsp;& emsp;

& emsp; & emsp; case collection → centralized selection → excellent case release → publicity and promotion typical cases

& emsp;& emsp; 5. Submission method

& emsp; & emsp; (1) Submission channel

& emsp; & emsp; “2024 National Education Excellent Case Collection” opens the following submission channel:

& emsp; & emsp; 1. Fill in “2024 National Education Innovation and High -quality Development Excellent Case Declaration Form”, and send it to the mailbox: [email protected] (please indicate: 2024 Xinhuanet Education Excellent Case Collection).Copy of media reports can be sent simultaneously as attachments.

& emsp; & emsp; 2. Call for activity contact information: Teacher Shang 010-88050757 Teacher Xin 18610029969

& emsp; & emsp; (2) Submission requirements

& emsp; & emsp; 1. must ensure the authenticity, innovation, effectiveness and typical nature of the case.

& emsp; & emsp; 2. The case should highlight its own characteristics and have typical nature, be clear theme, focus on practice, has strong example power and promotion value, and has a reference for the work practice of units and individuals in other related fields.The specific content should include:

& emsp; & emsp; (1) Introduction and case name of the application unit;

& emsp; & emsp; (2) Case background, basic situation, goals and final results;

& emsp; & emsp; (3) description of the main method and practice;

& emsp; & emsp; (4) description of main results and results;

& emsp; & emsp; (5) description of experience revelation and main significance;

& emsp; & emsp; (6) In order to facilitate accurate and clearly understand the relevant situation, please write the case practices and achieve results separately.

& emsp; & emsp; Note: Each case can only choose one collection direction.

& emsp; & emsp; 3. The case can adopt three expressions: text, video or audio.

& emsp; & emsp; 4, text cases should be clear, distinct, and informal. The number of words is required for the number of words for 1000-5000 words, and pictures or videos need to be attached.The attachment of the picture includes 1 main picture and more than 4 photos.The picture must be in JPG format. Each picture is greater than 2000px, and the data is not less than 2MB and not more than 5MB.Video specifications Reference Video case requirements.

& emsp; & emsp; 5. The time for audio and video cases is 3-5 minutes. It requires clear themes, clear logic, and complete key information.2MB, no more than 5MB.

& emsp; & emsp; 6. Video cases should be uniformly used to shoot with horizontal screens. The frame is 16: 9, the video resolution is 1920 × 1080, and the clarity is 1080P.The size of the video file does not exceed 1GB in principle. If it exceeds 1GB, it is recommended to upload segments (it is recommended to use MP4 format).No watermark logo shall be added to the video, and no commercial advertisement shall be inserted.

& emsp; & emsp; 7. The size of the audio file does not exceed 20MB in principle. If it exceeds 20MB, it is recommended to upload segments (it is recommended to use MP4 format), and no commercial advertisement shall be inserted in the audio.

& emsp;& emsp;Attachment 2:2024 National Education Innovation and High -quality Development Excellent Case Declaration Form (click to download)

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