2024 Zhongguancun Forum Annual Meeting | President of the Academy of Sciences Carrim: Annual Meeting provides a platform for all participants

As a guest speaker at the opening ceremony of the Zhongguancun Forum Annual Meeting, President of the World Academy of Sciences Qurassa Abdul Carim said in an interview with Beijing Youth Daily that the Zhongguancun Forum Annual Conference provided all participants with all participants with all participants with all participants with all participants with all participants.A platform, jointly explores a new way to sustainable development goals, and create a world that everyone has the opportunity to give full play to its own potential and ensure the global health and safety world.

“I am particularly honored to be able to participate in the annual meeting of Zhongguancun Forum. The theme of the forum is ‘Innovation: Build a better world’. I think science and innovation are not just discovering the unknown process, but how we use technology to ensure the establishment of a better one.”In the future, a better society.” Carim said that many technological progress can be seen around people.It is almost related to all aspects of our daily life, such as any available navigation services.Technological progress is a process, but now it is more efficient, the results are more significant, and it is also impressed.For example, during the popularity of the new crown, six vaccines have been developed worldwide in less than a year, and HIV has studied for decades without vaccines. This is possible because investment in science, technology and innovation has continuedexpand.

Carim also said, “We are in a global world. This often reminds us that the challenges encountered in a certain field may have an impact in other fields. Therefore, the holding of the Annual Meeting of Zhongguancun Forum is promoting the international international meeting to promote the international international meetingCoordination and coordination are very important to deal with challenges together. “She said that at the Zhongguancun Forum, more innovative results showed by more people could be seen, and these achievements were shared with more people through the Zhongguancun Forum.At the same time, the forum also brought together many people in other industries, and also provided a platform for all participants to explore new ways to sustainable development goals, and create a chance to give full play to their own potential to ensure global health andA safe world.

Carim has two years of cooperation with China. In the process, she can feel that China’s innovation and technology have become index levels and have developed unprecedented speeds.This makes China a very important example of other countries in the world.

Not only that, China also shows the openness and inclusiveness of technology.There is a common vision of the World Sciences and China, that is, how science and technology innovate and promote sustainable development, strive to cultivate scientific culture, promote the cooperation between the country, narrow the gap between talent skills, and create a mutually beneficial learning environmentEssence

Under the efforts of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Chinese Association of Science and Technology, China supports more than 1,500 graduate students from various research fields and more than 150 visiting scholars, including more than 500 doctoral students. Relying on these efforts, low -income countries and low -income countries andThe backward of science and technology can cultivate a group of outstanding scientists and build a scientific infrastructure, which also helps to improve people’s lives and make people hope to dream of the future.”In this world of interconnection, we have the responsibility to leave some proud legacy for our descendants, so that they can continue to glory on this basis, and we can promote human progress in a safe and stable environment.”

Text/Beijing Youth Daily reporter Zhang Xin

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