Beijing recommends the two districts to apply for the National Special Education Reform Experimental Zone

The Beijing Municipal Education Commission announced today that Haidian District and Xicheng District are recommended as the national special education reform experimental zone, and the effective practical model of exploring the development of special education with a three -year construction cycle is used.The experimental area will establish a special education system connected from all academic sections from preschool to high school to effectively increase the supply of special education degrees.The reporter learned from Haidian District that the district is planning to build a fifteen -year modernized special education school.
The main tasks of the National Special Education Reform Experimental Zone include expanding the service of special education segments, expanding the targets of special education services, and strengthening the quality of special education.The experimental area will improve the special education inclusive fiscal security mechanism, improve the average financial appropriation system and funding subsidy policy, and explore the establishment of a free education system for all disabled students ‘basic education stages; increase the strength of special education professional teachers to strengthen teachers’ treatment guarantee;Promote the construction of special education resource centers, and improve the operation management and supervision and evaluation mechanism.
The experimental zone will combine the actual development of regional education, and jointly needs education and teaching research and pilot work in combination with universities and scientific research institutions for special needs for children such as autism, multiple disabled children, and children of learning disabilities.The home -school society cooperates with the training mechanism; focus on exploring the construction of special education schools (departments) for children with autism, and establish a system of helping children with children with autism.At the same time, the experimental area will deepen curriculum teaching reform, implement national curriculum standards, standardize the use of teaching materials, explore the effective teaching model of integrating education classrooms, and improve the quality management specifications of teaching on -site.
The experimental area will also promote digitalization and intelligent transformation and development of special education, explore new technologies such as Internet, cloud computing, big data, virtual reality and artificial intelligence, and promote the construction of special education smart campuses and smart classrooms;Learn resources, explore the construction of special education digital education and research platforms and resource construction; promote the interoperability and sharing of relevant data of children and adolescents of disabled children, and expand the coverage of high -quality resources.
At present, special education “quasi -experimental zones” have developed development plans.The Haidian District Education Commission revealed that the district will establish a fifteen -year modern special education school in the western region. All the Education Commission runs the park will become a preschool integration education base. 17 school districts will establish an integration education resource center to continuously improve special education for special education.The level of internationalization and modernization.The district will also explore the establishment of a special education talent pool, add special education teachers in primary and secondary schools and kindergartens to provide one -stop services such as screening, evaluation, education, rehabilitation such as screening, evaluation, education, and rehabilitation.Ordinary secondary vocational schools receive special education students to enroll, and open up the vocational education training base and employment base of special education students.

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