Black and white tone set off a new era of focusing on integrated education

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With the continuous development of society and the higher attention of the family’s growth, the demand for the children’s furniture market is constantly evolving.In this context, the Black and White S2 learning cabin, as a healthy, practical and beautiful children’s learning table and chairs, which has attracted much attention, and quickly became popular with the children’s table and chair market.

Black and white adjustment S2 learning cabin with its innovation of its original wood design, integrated design, and gravity quadrilateral linkage technology, provides children with a safe, comfortable and healthy learning environment, experience the actual use scene of children, and provide the family learning space.A brand new idea and solution.

Healthy logs, guarding children’s growth

Under the guidance of the concept of healthy logism, the black and white S2 learning cabin abandoned the popular sandwich board and sticky leather technology on the market, and was made of German imported AA mountain hair pure solid wood.The material of the mountain hair, high hardness, high density, strong bearing gravity, and high stability.Makes mountain hair crickets that are not easy to shrink and expand, and are not easy to deform.

Black and white tuning S2 learning cabin insists on pure solid wood creation, which not only perfectly restores the natural texture and warm touch of logs, but more importantly, no harmful substances are added during the processing process, and the results of the formaldehyde content close to 0 are finally achieved.A safe and healthy learning environment is provided.

Integrated design, improve learningConcentration

As the first brand to integrate eye protection lights into the bookshelf, this time, the integrated concept was continued on the S2 learning compartment.The black and white S2 learning cabin cleverly combines a number of functions, creating a more relaxed and more focused atmosphere for learning.

Embedded integrated double -eye lights use polarized patented technology, covering the entire desktop, softening the shadow of the desktop, and eliminating visual fatigue to the greatest extent.At the same time, the integrated design makes the desktop more neat, beautiful and generous, neatly wiring, the design of the lines of the lines increases the convenience of use, the dust cover to prevent children from accidentally touches, and ensure the safety of children’s use.

Gravity Quartet linkage technology, care for growth intimately

The G6 chase -back children’s chair with the black and white tuning S2 learning compartment uses gravity quadrilateral linkage technology. Through the clever joint design, it can sense the child’s weight to automatically adjust the back support. The child can automatically chase the back as soon as it enters.No parents need to adjust repeatedly.

The back of the chair supports 4.5cm up and down, the key is operated, and the child can complete it. The pedal also supports the lifting of the lifting. The child will not tipto at the small. It will help the child to form a standard scientific sitting position.It can easily meet the needs of children’s high changes in the growth process, so that children’s learning is always in the best state.

Continuous innovation to help industry progress

The advent of the Black and White S2 learning cabin not only meets the higher requirements of parents’ children’s growth environment, but also promotes the development of the children’s furniture industry, providing strong support for the healthy growth of children.It is not only a product, but also a kind of care and care, adding a warmth and peace of mind to the children’s learning journey.

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