Do you know the benefits of spring sports?

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In March of Yangchun, the earth warmed.Spring is a season of recovery and vitality.It is also the best time that people walk out of the room, embrace nature, and enjoy exercise.Strengthening spring exercise can strengthen your body, maintain vigorous energy, can maintain health, enhance your physique, extend life, delay aging, and at the same time resist various epidemic diseases in spring.These benefits of spring exercise must be understood.
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Promote metabolism.Exercise can accelerate the rate of metabolism in the body, speed up our heart rate, blood flow rate and promote the body to continuously release heat. A large amount of toxins and metabolites in the body will be excreted in the body in the form of sweat, and the body will become cleaner and easier.
Improve immunity.Movement can make the whole body cells move, significantly improve the environment in the body and make it stable. It can also activate immune cells and enhance human immune function, effectively improving the ability of human body to resist bacteria.
anti aging.The various organs and tissues of the human body will gradually aging, and exercise can enhance the vitality of the cells, make people present youthfulness, and exercise can promote harmful substances such as dirt in the cells, making the skin more flexible and radiant, and effectively delay the effect.Aging speed.
Prevent cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.Exercise can effectively exercise the heart, make the heart contraction strong and increase the coronary coronary vessel caliber, and protect the blood vessels by increasing the elasticity of the arterial vessel wall.In addition, exercise can promote fat burning in the body, reduce the pressure and burden of the heart, and have a positive effect on preventing cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.
Enhance lung function.Exercise stimulates the respiratory center and accelerates the frequency of respiratory, increases lung capacity, so that our respiratory muscles and respiratory auxiliary muscles are effectively exercised, thereby increasing lung capacity and improving lung function.
Improve brain function.Exercise has a positive regulatory effect on the central nervous system of the brain, exercise is commanded by the brain, and exercise can make the central cells of the brain in a state of excitement.Essence
Make the joints and bones more flexible.Exercise enables the whole body’s muscle joints to be effectively exercised, which can promote more calcium stored in the bones, significantly improve the bone and bone density, make the bones solidly avoid osteoporosis, and the toughness of the ligament and muscles around the joint changesStrong, the joints are stable and avoiding arthritis.
Decompression and relaxation.Exercise can regulate the excitement and suppression process of the brain, prevent the brain God’s excessive tension and play a role in eliminating negative emotions and reducing stress, and the quality of sleep after exercise has also been improved, allowing us to be more energy to face life and work.
The benefits of exercise are many, but after the “low tide period” of the body in the cold winter, the functions of each organs are at a lower level. If at this time suddenly perform intense and improper exercise, it will easily cause injuries. Therefore, springExercise also needs to pay attention to the following issues.
Stepping step by.Spring exercise is very important. It can clearly remove the cold and accumulated winter in the body. It is a health care method that is very good for the body.However, pay attention to exercise moderately and step by step, and slowly increase the amount of activity.
Due to timely.It is recommended that you choose outdoor exercise after the sun comes out and the morning fog is dissipated. You can discharge carbon dioxide accumulated in the body and suck in more oxygen to enhance the body’s metabolism.
Due to people.For the elderly, it is advisable to choose the movement of slow and soft muscle coordination, such as walking, Tai Chi, jogging, etc.For young people who are strong, you can choose a strong exercise project, such as long -distance running, playing basketball, playing football, etc.
Prevention and warmth.The climate change in spring is repeated, cold and hot, and the physical activity is too large in exercise.Therefore, when you start exercise, you should not take off your coat immediately, wait for your body to be slightly hot, and then gradually reduce your clothes. After the exercise is over, you should clean the sweat on your body in time and put on your clothes immediately to prevent cold.
(Kashan Journalist Jia Xinsheng)
Edit: Guo Bingxin
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