Harbin Education Bureau: "Continuous Line" to promote the management of psychological health in primary and secondary school students

  China Education News-China Education News Network (Reporter Cao Xi) Recently, the reporter learned from the Harbin Education Bureau that the bureau has always placed mental health management in prominent positions, continuously strengthened and continuously deepened.Qi College (and) Teachers of Practical Health Education, many measures, “constantly line” to cultivate the health psychology of primary and secondary school students, and help Harbin’s high -quality development.

  He Quan, Secretary of the Party Group and Director of the Education Bureau of Harbin Municipal Education Bureau, said that the deployment of primary and secondary schools in the city has been deployed to carry out special actions of psychological health improvement, and 14 key tasks of psychological health education, primary and secondary school students’ psychological health monitoring and intervention, and psychological services have been comprehensively promoted.Continuously regulate the mental health management of primary and secondary school students, and refine the implementation of 20 specific measures.Establish and improve the relevant rules and regulations of the mental health management work of the district, county (city), implement a psychological problem “one life one file” and “one person, one strategy”, and prepare the “Reading of Psychological Health Education of Primary and Secondary Schools in Harbin”, which is included in the school -based curriculum., Sports, Aesthetic Education and Labor Education Practice and other disciplines in other disciplines integrate all aspects of mental health education.Continue to carry out psychological health lectures and “psychological services into campus” activities, and organize lectures on psychological health in sections and groups to organize psychological health.

  At present, all 848 primary and secondary schools in the city are all equipped with college (and) professional psychological and health education teachers. They have established the guidance group of psychological health teaching and research in Harbin primary and secondary school students, regularly went to school, conducting student psychological problems and school psychological work surveys to enhance psychological healthThe accuracy of management work.The city has established 10 municipal -level mental health education teachers studios. One district has a county, and the regional balanced promotion of the school’s psychological health talent team training.Organize the special training of psychological health teachers every year, and organize psychological health teachers to conduct targeted training and establish a “combination of medical and education” psychological health service mechanisms for psychological health teachers.

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