Hawks and Pacers square off in streak-busting showdown in Indy

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The Atlanta Hawks and Indiana Pacers are set to face off in an exciting NBA game on Friday night. It will be their second meeting of the season, with the Pacers fresh off a high-scoring win in November.

Hawks and Pacers square off in streak-busting showdown in Indy

The Hawks are looking for their third straight win:

The Atlanta Hawks (14-19) currently sit in 10th place in the Eastern Conference, but they’ve found their groove recently, winning their last two games. Jalen Johnson scored 28 points in their most recent game against the Thunder to lead the Hawks to victory. Trae Young remains the offensive engine, averaging 28.2 points per game, and his scoring duel with Tyrese Halliburton promises to be a highlight.

The Pacers seek to extend their league lead:

The Indiana Pacers (19-14) are the hottest team in the league, having won five straight games, the longest streak in the NBA. Halliburton has become a true star, averaging 21.7 points and 12.7 assists per game. He is fresh off a 31-point and 12-assist performance against the Bucks and his play will be crucial against Atlanta’s dynamic backcourt.

Key Matchups and Predictions:

Trae Young vs. Tyrese Halliburton: This point guard matchup will be a battle of scoring ability and organisational prowess. Expect both to exceed expectations in points and assists per game, with Halliburton’s edge in efficiency giving the Pacers a slight edge.
ATLANTA’S DEFENSE VERSUS INDIANA’S SHOOTING: The Hawks are inconsistent defensively, while the Pacers have a potent offence. Look for Indiana to take advantage of Atlanta’s weaknesses and use open shots to push the game to big points.
Overall prediction:

The Pacers’ home-court advantage, combined with their recent momentum and Halliburton’s stellar play, make them the favourites to extend their winning streak. However, the Hawks’ offensive firepower and Young’s leadership should not be underestimated. This game is expected to be an evenly matched affair, with the Pacers ultimately defeating the Hawks in the fourth quarter, 125-118.

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