Hennessy launches first rooftop courtyard in Braamfontein

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JOHANNESBURG – Hennessy, the world’s favorite cognac brand, has opened its first rooftop patio at 73 Juta Street in Braamfontein.

The project, a collaboration with renowned local artist Seth Pimentel, known as ‘African Ginger’, and Play Braamfontein, the real estate development company driving the revitalization of much of the city, aims to bring to life the artistic concept of the timeless African sunset.

Like Hennessy, the artwork on the course is an example of how tradition and modern urban culture can coexist and produce a truly remarkable work.

Hennessy launches first rooftop courtyard in Braamfontein

“I wanted to quantify the beauty of the Fort Brown culture next to Hennessy and make a clear connection between the culture and the Hennessy experience,” said Seth in response to a question about the concept.

In addition to paying homage to basketball culture, Hennessy has elevated the sport by introducing South Africa’s first three-on-three rooftop basketball court in a culturally significant area of the country.

The court is open to the public and provides a unique environment for members of the community to express themselves creatively and promote their culture. It is not only used for basketball games.

Hennessy and NBA Africa were on hand to celebrate their longstanding relationship with the NBA at the season opener between the Los Angeles Lakers and Orlando Magic.

The Hennessy Rooftop Arena is a testament to Hennessy’s commitment to supporting and promoting the culture of basketball in South Africa. It is a place where people from all walks of life can come together to enjoy the game of basketball, express themselves creatively and share the Hennessy experience.

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