It is related to the teacher’s burden!Important notice of the Ministry of Education!

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Entering the campus that has nothing to do with education and teaching will be concentrated in rectification

The reporter learned from the Ministry of Education on April 24 that in order to effectively reduce the burden of non -education teaching in primary and secondary school teachers, the Secretary Group of the Central Education Leading Group recently issued a notice and deployed the special rectification work of enrollment of social affairs to enter the campus to reduce the burden on the burden of teachers in primary and secondary schools.It is required to centrally rectify the activities and work that are not related to education and teaching to enter the campus at will, and the formalism of gently leaving marks and light results in the process of social affairs to enter the campus, and create a good environment for education and teaching.

The notice proposes four main tasks: first, systematically arranges social affairs to enter the campus in recent years, formulate admission standards, and strengthen problems rectification.The total amount of affairs enters the campus, establish a white list and announce it to the society; the third is to review the specific plan for social affairs to enter the campus, strictly control the scope and duration of the activity; the fourth is to normalize the work of social affairs to work on campus.

The notice requires localities to regulate social affairs into the campus as an important task for the remediation of the education system as the formalism of the education system, and to obtain the special rectification results of teachers and students.

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Original title: “A matter of reducing the burden on teachers!Important notice of the Ministry of Education!”

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