Let’s learn a few knowledge about exercise!

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“Exercise is part of life. Exercise can help you overcome anxiety, relieve stress, and improve immunity; it can also improve and improve memory, learn ability, improve sleep quality and exercise ability;Decompression method “”

“Life lies in exercise”, and exercise allows us to live healthy and longevity.But not everyone knows these contents.

One study shows that people who insist on exercise every day are 10 years older than those who do not exercise.

A study was published in the US “Public Science Library · Medicine”, which was conducted by Harvard Medical College.The research surveyed 3257 Americans aged 40 to 85.

These people do not have exercise habits. Half of people do more than 4 or more exercise per week. They are people who often participate in physical exercise and insist on exercise. One -third of the per capita is at least once a week.A quarter of a person per person per week per week.

In addition, these people live to 84 years on average, 10 years more than their peers who have not habit.This study shows that often exercise can reduce heart disease and stroke risks.

If you want to keep you young, you can perform a “stretching movement” after each exercise.After the exercise, you will feel tight and stiff muscles, especially thighs and calves.

Studies have shown that if your body has always maintained this state of tension, it will increase the accumulation of fat and protein in the body tissue, resulting in more easily weight gain.

Immediately after exercise, stretching exercise can help relieve this state of tension.It is also called “Tenacious Movement” or Penalty Training, which is the purpose of stretching muscle groups.

By dividing the body into several parts, blood and nutrients can be transported to important tissues and organs!

Stretching training is very good for preventing premature muscle atrophy, maintaining a good figure, and making you younger!

Sports can help the brain become smarter.A study published in “Natural Neuroscience” shows that exercise can increase the cerebral cortex, increase the number of brain cells, and promote the learning and cognitive ability of the brain.And exercise can also reduce the risk of dementia, and at the same time, it can also reduce the related complications of Alzheimer’s dementia.

Studies have shown that regular people participating in sports are longer than those who do not participate in physical exercise.Those who often participate in physical exercise have a stronger function in the body’s immune system than those who do not often exercise.

Those who often participate in physical exercise can increase the blood flow and heart pump blood ability of the heart, increase blood circulation, make people feel that the heartbeat is accelerated, and the body has a sense of comfort, thereby enhancing physical health.

Exercise also helps reduce depression.”We know that exercise can improve the serotonin level in the brain, which is related to reducing the risk of depression.” “In fact, exercise can help people better cope with stress and depression.”

In a new study published in the Magazine of Psychiatry Research, scientists have found that exercise can improve people’s depression symptoms, and when these people perform high -intensity exercises for 30 to 60 minutes a day, their depression symptoms will be symptoms of depression symptoms will beImproved.

In addition, researchers have found that exercise can also improve people’s understanding of negative components in depression and depression symptoms.

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