NBA: Philadelphia 76ers Star James Harden Expresses Loss of Trust in Daryl Morey and the Front Office

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Harden hasn’t played in a preseason game yet, but he attended training camp and continues to practice with the team. He opted for a contract worth $35.6 million this season and believes the team will try to trade him. He blasted team president Daryl Morey at a promotional event in China, calling Morey a liar for not making any deals.

“It has nothing to do with the situation at all. That’s life,” Harden told reporters at the team’s base in New Jersey.” When you lose trust in someone, it’s like a marriage. When you lose trust in somebody, you know what I mean? It’s pretty simple.”

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Harden has been one of the league’s top players for the past decade, winning three scoring titles and the league’s MVP award in 2018. Last season, he led the league in assists.

Harden said he could try out for the 76ers’ preseason finale against Atlanta on Friday. He shied away from talking about his trade demand status.

“You have to talk to the front office about that,” he said.” I’m just here to work hard. I love the game of basketball, so I just put in the work in the gym. That’s all I can control.”

Part of Harden’s complaints stemmed from his belief that he was supposed to be offered a long-term contract with the 76ers after last season. But that contract never came, so he needed a trade.

“I wanted to come here and retire as a 76ers player, but management didn’t include that in their plans for the future,” he said. He said, “It’s not really something I can control. It’s something I don’t want to happen at this position.”

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Harden was a ten-time All-Star, but he was essentially forced out of Houston and Brooklyn via trade. He still appears to be interested in joining the 76ers now, and has said that much of his presence is to fulfill certain contractual requirements. This appears to be the second choice behind NBA MVP Joel Embiid, and chasing a championship in Philadelphia is no longer serious business.

But he’s still in uniform. With him at the helm, the 76ers could still rise in the East under new coach Nick Nurse – albeit behind favorites Milwaukee and Boston.

“I put in the work here. That’s all I can do. I give it my all,” Harden said. Harden said, “Say what you want about me, but you can’t get this far in this league without putting in the work. That’s what I believe in. So whenever things fail or things don’t go your way, you just keep trying.”

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