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“2024 National Joint Graduation Design ‘Changning Action’ Li Ning Oriental Aesthetic Theme Workshop Issue III was closed recently.The workshop aims to explore the in -depth links of college workshops and brand practice. Through the collision of the beauty of the East and the fashion national tide, it has continuously stimulated the innovation of young design talents in brand aesthetics and self -confidence in cultural identity.
He Yixuan, Secretary of the Changning Group Party Committee, said that he hopes to continue his two -way youthfulness through cooperation. He also hopes that youth and industries and urban areas are hugged to jointly create the infinite possibilities of two -way empowerment.Creative projects, boost more cross -border union, close more exchanges at home and abroad, and continuously rejuvenate the new productive productivity of the fashion creative industry.
Zhao Hui, deputy dean of the School of Fashion and Art Design of Donghua University, said that he hopes that Donghua University and Li Ning can continue to cooperate in the future to actively promote more effective and diverse forms of cooperation.Xu Lin, general manager of Li Ning’s e -commerce product and operation department, said that he looks forward to “the kiln body changes, and the porcelain power is infinite” activity can further promote Li Ning’s cultural and creative IP through the form of the competition, bringing a “travel” of self -cultivation and nourishing heart,Essence
10 design university students from Donghua University showed their works. The works closely focused on the beauty of ceramics and the Li Ning brand, and designed many creative visual IP, clothing, shoes and other works, and deeply discussed the “beauty of the east”.The theme shows the integration of the traditional aesthetics through modern design.After each student’s report, the key to the guests Li Ningyi’s deep shoe designer, Li Ning’s senior clothing designer Rao Yiyi, Li Ning Group HRBP Lu Shisong, and Chen Qingjun, teacher Shi Xiaoli, Wang Yaman and Yang Guangyu, a professor Chen Qingjun, Teacher Shi Xiaoli, Teacher Shi Xiaoli, TeachersStudent works responded to students’ Q & A.
The workshop is promoted by Shanghai Design Capital Promotion Center, Li Ning (China) Sports Products Co., Ltd., Donghua University Youth League Committee, Donghua University School of Clothing and Art Design, Changning District Talent Office, District Commerce Commission, District Human Resources and Social Affairs Bureau, Youth League Committee Committee, Jiangsu Road Street and other parties have co -supported, not only paying attention to the design of the design skills, but also emphasizing inheritance and innovation in design operations.
In the second half of last year, 2024 National Joint Graduation Design “Changning Action” was launched. By creating Changning’s “question”, the joint graduation design model of college students at home and abroad, officially opened the youth journey jointly set up by Donghua and Changning.As of now, many committees, enterprises, and street town selection have been fruitful.Under the matchmaking of Yanyu Yaji, Jiangsu Road Street, Li Ning, who has already been associated with Changning, has also joined the youth train to Bi Shi, becoming an important problem unit with the “Changning Action”.
This workshop reviews 50 courses to participate, 10 of which are overseas students. Through such activities, not only provide a platform to show their creativity and talents for college students, but also allow the design to be designed in the action in action.Inheriting the bright light of the excellent traditional culture of China, every participant can transform the knowledge and inspiration of the workshop into the motivation to promote social and cultural progress.
Author: Zhanyue
Text: Zhanyue Map: Figure Editor in Changning Group District Committee: Wang Wanyi Editor: Zhu Yue
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