Previously, Japanese badminton players experienced "spicy" life in Sichuan

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China News Service, May 8th. Previously, Japanese badminton player Tomoda Tomoda updated social media on the 7th and released various insights in Sichuan, China.
According to Japan, from April 27th to May 5th, the “Chengdu 2024 Tangyou Cup” was held in Sichuan.Chaotian Lingzi went to Sichuan as a guest of the TV station and participated in live reports.
Takata Lingzi was born in Fukuoka Prefecture, Japan in 1983. He is a bronze medal in the previous Japanese badminton players and won the World Championships in 2007.On September 25, 2012, Chaotian Lingzi officially announced his retirement, and then began to be a guest broadcast guest.
Chaotian Lingzi said on social media that he had eaten Mapo tofu.(Photo/Chaotian Lingzi Instagram Account Screenshot)
She wrote on the social media Instagram, “Sichuan! My favorite Mapo tofu, very satisfied! When I eat it, I have been laughing and saying ‘spicy and delicious’.Although there is not much time for free -ear shops, I still have time to buy souvenirs for children.
Japanese netizens commented that “this Mapo tofu is absolutely delicious” “authentic Mapo tofu looks really spicy, but it is really delicious.”(over)

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