Shandong released the report of the 16th city government in 2023 that the city government fulfilled the evaluation report of education responsibilities

Education Supervision Committee of the Shandong Provincial People’s Government
Regarding the issuance of “Performance of the Municipal People’s Government in 2023
Notice of Education Responsibility Evaluation Report “
Luzheng Education Supervision Committee [2024] No. 1
Municipal people’s governments, relevant provincial government departments:
With the consent of the Provincial Government, the “2023 Evaluation Report on the Performance of the Municipal People’s Government’s Performance of the Municipal People’s Government in 2023” is issued to you. Please conscientiously implement it in accordance with the provisions and requirements of relevant regulations and policies.
Education Supervision Committee of the Shandong Provincial People’s Government
April 24, 2024
(This one is publicly released)
In 2023
Evaluation report
According to the spirit of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council’s “General Plan for Deepening the Reform of the New Era Education Evaluation” (Zhongfa [2020] No. 19, hereinafter referred to as the “Overall Plan”) and other documents, in accordance with the “Performance of the Municipal People’s Government for Education at the Municipal People’s Government,”The Implementation Plan for Evaluation of Responsibilities “(Lu Zheng Office [2018] No. 29, hereinafter referred to as the” Implementation Plan “) stipulates and requirements.After self -assessment, provincial online evaluation and field inspection, the formation of evaluation reports are as follows.
1. Main practices and effectiveness
(1) The party’s leadership of education work has been comprehensively strengthened.Persist in the guidance of the Socialist ideology of the Supreme Leadership in the new era, earnestly study and implement the important exposition of the Supreme Leadership General Secretary of the Supreme Leadership, and continue to strengthen the party’s comprehensive leadership of education. Primary and secondary schools (kindergartens) set up 10,645 party organizations, which meet the requirements for conditions.The 8825 primary and secondary schools implemented the principal responsibility system of party organization leaders, and achieved the full coverage of party organizations and party work, and the system and mechanism of the party’s leadership education was more complete.Promote the comprehensive and strict management of the party in the education system, press and control the responsibility of the party to govern the party, implement the ideological work responsibility system, and strive to strengthen the integration of ideological and political courses and the construction of a clean and clean culture in the new era, innovate and promote the whole environmentThe majority of teachers and students of the education system have firmly established the “four consciousness”, firmly defended the “two establishment”, and resolutely achieve “two maintenance.”
(2) Education major decision -making deployment is effectively implemented.Improve and improve the regular and educational work mechanism of the party committee and government, and implement the systems of the main responsible comrades of the party and government’s main responsible comrades in depth education for the front -line survey and contact the school.Continuously regulate the development of private compulsory education and complete the governance of the “Gongshen” school.Consolidate the achievements of “double reduction”, increase the training and investigation of non -disciplinary training in violation of regulations and conduct unlicensed training, and further strengthen the main position of the school education, and the burden of students over the education industry can be effectively relieved.Deepen the reform of the education supervision system and mechanism in the new era, and basically build a sound supervision system and mechanism with a sound institution, clear responsibilities, efficient operation, and strong guarantee.
(3) The development level of various types of education has continued to improve.Promote the comprehensive reform of basic education, actively improve the conditions for running schools, continue to expand high -quality education resources, and ensure the overall needs of admission.Preschool education has continued to improve the level of inclusiveness, and the high -quality and balanced development of compulsory education has steadily advanced. 30 counties (cities, districts) have successfully passed the first batch of preschool education to popularize inclusive and compulsory education high -quality balanced development countries.the third.Strengthen the development of special education inclusive and promote the healthy growth of special children.Adhere to the diversified development of ordinary high schools, strengthen the construction of characteristic discipline bases, and promote ordinary high schools from layered development to classified development.The provincial and provincial construction of national vocational education innovation and development highland has achieved significant results, and promoted the pilot pilot of a new model of modern vocational education system for the provincial provinces.
(4) Education protection ability is continuously enhanced.Actively implement the policy of financial education input, and achieve a steady growth of education funding. Most cities and counties have a “two increase” for general public budget education expenditures and general public budget education expenditures.Continue to increase the replenishment of teachers, optimize the structure of the teacher, balance the resources of teachers, and strive to strengthen the construction of teachers’ ideological politics and teacher morality.The reform of teachers’ title evaluation and hiring has been effectively implemented, its status is continuously improved, and the team’s vitality has been fully stimulated.The entire province has been approved by the national basic education teacher team construction and reform pilot.The level of campus safety management and the construction of the “three defenses” has been further improved. The full -time security guards are equipped, campus closed management, one -click emergency alarm video monitoring and construction, and the setting of education.EssenceVarious types of education examinations are safe and stable, and the standardized testing point function improvement projects are completed, and more than 9.20 million candidates will be benefited.
Among them, Jining, Linyi, Weifang, Rizhao, and Tai’an City’s general public budget education expenditure in general public budget expenditures increased and higher than the average level of the province.Jinan, Binzhou, Linyi, Texas, and Liaocheng have achieved obvious results in the construction of teachers.
(5) The level of school governance has gradually improved.Comprehensively implement the party’s education policy, implement the fundamental tasks of Lide Shushu, deepen the reform of education and teaching, conscientiously implement the national curriculum standards, adhere to the “five education”, pay attention to the healthy development of students, strengthen sports, aesthetic education and labor education, promote students to comprehensively comprehensively studentsThe development of development is more sound.Efforts to improve the quality of education and teaching, standardize enrollment behaviors, and continue to improve the level of school management.Standardize the use of textbooks and submitted teaching aid materials, and strictly implement relevant provisions of extracurricular reading materials into campus.
In the process of actively fulfilling education responsibilities and promoting education reform and development, each city has explored typical experiences and practices that can be used for reference (see attachments).
Second, the main problem of existence
(1) The comprehensive reform of education needs to be further advanced.Some counties (cities, districts, including cities and functional areas, hereinafter collectively referred to as counties) have not fully implemented the main responsible comrades of the party and government as teachers and students in accordance with the relevant requirements of the “Master Plan”.Individual counties and schools illegally violated the reform of education evaluation reforms, “do not, one forbidden”, and publicize the high school college entrance examination champion, online rate, advancement rate, and recruit employees to restrict education.Outside -school training institutions have varying degrees of illegal training behavior, and non -disciplinary training supervision and administrative law enforcement are still enhanced.The education supervision and management system and operating mechanism must continue to improve and improve.
(2) Educational funding guarantee policies have not been implemented.The expenditure of general public budget education for individual cities and counties has decreased compared to the previous year.Some county students’ public funding is not timely or not allocated in time or not allocated in accordance with the standards. Individual schools have issues such as illegal use of public funds for salary.The special education special funds issued by some cities and counties have not achieved expenditure within the prescribed time.Funding, etc.;
(3) The development level of various types of education needs to be further improved.In some county’s three -year -old garden rate, the gardening rate of less than 90%, inclusive kindergarten coverage rate and public kindergarten in the park accounted for relatively low children in the garden.The compulsory education school is unevenly configured between the high -quality resource resource urban and rural and between the schools, the tight degree in urban areas, the special classrooms and function rooms of the disciplines, and the average area of the teaching room and the sports venue are insufficient.Curriculum needs to be generally existed; some rural schools have insufficient teaching facilities or low standards, the living facilities of boarding schools are not complete, and the construction of sports venues is weak.There is a large gap between “urban crowded and weak rural” and high -quality balanced development requirements. The improvement of the weak links and capacity improvement projects of compulsory education schools needs to continue to advance.Individual counties have not set up ordinary high school characteristic discipline bases, and the annual inspection system of private schools has not been implemented.The conditions for running schools in vocational colleges need to be further improved. Some shared large -scale intelligent (simulation) internship training base construction tasks have not been completed, and 5 school -run autonomy policies have not been fully implemented.Related policies for vocational schools and specialized professional construction.
(4) The construction reform of the teacher team needs to continue to make efforts.Some county public kindergartens are in a low proportion of teachers, and the on -the -appointment rate of full -time teachers has not reached 100%. The salary and social security of non -editing teachers and private kindergarten teachers in public parks are not implemented.Teachers in primary and secondary schools still have structural lacks. The demand for teachers in urban schools with surge in urban schools is relatively tight.Some cities and counties of primary and secondary school teachers have not effectively implemented the step -by -step competition policy. The implementation of vocational colleges and vocational titles and performance salary reform policies are not implemented. Teachers have insufficient training for training. Training is to be increased.strengthen.
(5) Safety management needs to be further strengthened.Some counties have not established a student mental health guidance service center. The full -time psychological health education teachers in primary and secondary schools have insufficient equipment, poor professionalism, or inadequate effects. Students in schools in schools are not normal, and the prevention of food safety accidents in group campus food safety accidents need to be strengthened.Individual primary and secondary schools have the level of prevention, physical defense, technical defense, and fire protection construction. The measures such as preventing bullying and drowning need to be further improved.Individual cities and counties have insufficient education test work, not tightly organized examinations, and educational examination accidents occur.In some places, private teachers participating in collective petitions have caused public opinion and caused adverse social impact.
(6) The quality of school education needs to be further improved.Individual kindergartens have tendencies such as “elementary schoolization” and light results, and light hardware and light connotations. The quality of education needs to be further improved; some local and school quality education concepts are not solid.Cracms such as light quality, heavy intellectual education, and educated, sound, and art and labor are incomplete or high -quality, and the work design is unscientific.Most students have insufficient physical exercise and sleep. The physical health and health test of students in some cities and counties have decreased compared with the previous year, and the average myopia rate has increased compared with the previous year. Students’ physical health levels need to be further improved.The theme and characteristics of campus culture construction are not clear enough, and the atmosphere of environmental education is not strong enough.Admissions of private schools and off -school training institutions need to be further standardized and governed.
3. Rectification opinions
(1) Adhere to the leadership of party building and promote the implementation of education decision -making deployment.Perseverely use the Supreme Leadership in the new era of socialist ideology with Chinese characteristics to cast souls, and continuously improve the party’s institutional mechanism of the party’s comprehensive leadership of education.EssenceEfforts will be made to strengthen the construction of ideological and political courses in primary and secondary schools in the new era, and to promote the new results of people in the environment.Governments and relevant departments at all levels must perform their education responsibilities in accordance with laws and regulations, enhance the endogenous motivation of educational reform and development, and optimize the external environment of high -quality development of education.Deepen the reform of the education evaluation and education supervision system in the new era, further play the role of educational supervision to supervise the role of “charged long teeth”, comprehensively implement the relevant requirements of the reform of educational evaluation, and promote several measures for the reform of education evaluation in our province.Strengthen off -campus training supervision and promote the implementation of the “double reduction” policy.Consolidate the results of the special work of the development of private compulsory education, continue to optimize the structure of school students in compulsory education in citizens, strengthen the supervision of enrollment behavior behaviors, and comprehensively improve the quality of teaching.
(2) Adhere to priority development and focus on improving the ability of education services.Prioritize education in the investment in financial funds to ensure that the “two only increases”.Strictly implement the average appropriation system of various educational students and allocate them in a timely manner, standardize the management of “two educational additions” and the management of various types of education, accelerate the progress of project implementation and budget implementation, strengthen the supervision of education funding, ensure that special funds are dedicated, and effectively improve education.Fund use benefits.Further strengthening the management of school kindergarten charging funds, it is strictly forbidden to put education charges to the general public budget financial allocation, and shall not be coordinated, crowded, intercepted, tone, and misappropriated education charges in any form.With the power of strong education examinations, strengthen the management of education examination funds, and timely allocate the examination funds in a timely manner.
(3) Persist in strong teachers and education, and strive to build a high -quality teacher team.According to the approval (total personnel control), increase the recruitment efforts of children’s teachers, increase the proportion of public kindergartens in the proportion of teachers and kindergartens and full -time teachers in the preparation of teachers.Social security level.Deepen the reform of the management of teachers’ “County Management Schools”, improve the rotation mechanism of the principal and teachers of the compulsory education school, implement the new recruitment system for urban and rural areas of teachers, and accelerate the balanced allocation of teachers in urban and rural areas.The wages of teachers are included in the government’s must -pay for the government to ensure that the average salary income of compulsory education teachers is not lower than the average salary income level of local civil servants.Comprehensively implement the layered competition of teachers in primary and secondary schools.We will improve the long -term mechanism of the teacher’s morality construction, and the problem of preventing the morality of the teacher.Promote the implementation of the policy of self -recruitment, title evaluation and performance salary distribution policies for vocational colleges.
(4) Adhere to the expansion of quality and improvement, and continue to promote the high -quality development of various types of education.Improve the basic public education service supply mechanism that coordinated with the changes in the permanent population, optimize and adjust the special planning of kindergarten layout in primary and secondary schools, and coordinate the degree guarantee.Continue to improve the rate of hair garden, inclusive kindergarten coverage rate, and public kindergarten in the garden in the park of the three years of school, and the proportion of public kindergartens in the garden, and promote the popularization of Pharmaceutical and the safety and high quality development of preschool education.Adhere to compulsory education as the top priority of basic education, accelerate the standardization of schools and integration of urban and rural areas, and promote the balanced development of compulsory education.Adhere to the diverse development of ordinary high schools, and strengthen the development of high -quality and inclusive development of special education.Participate in the pilot of a new model of a modern vocational education system in the provincial and provincial provincial regions, implement the project conditions for vocational colleges to meet the standards, deepen the integration of production and education, promote the integration of vocational Putong, promote the integration of science and education, and focus on improving the level of school running in vocational colleges and adapting the economy to the economy.Social development ability.
(5) Persist in the five education and continuously improve the development level of education.Establish and improve long -term mechanisms to promote students’ physical and mental health and comprehensive development, highlight the effectiveness of moral education, improve the level of intellectual education, strengthen physical exercise, strengthen the influence of aesthetic education, strengthen labor education, focus on practical education, and comprehensively promote quality education.Effectively implement national courses, standardize local and school -based courses, and ensure that the course is open and open.We will continue to strengthen the implementation of the “double reduction” policy, focus on improving quality improvement in the school, focus on improving the quality of classroom teaching, strictly standardize operating management, continuously improve the level of service after class, and effectively reduce the burden on student operation and off -school training burden.Strengthen the management of teaching materials, and it is strictly forbidden to use the unprecedented textbooks in violation of regulations.
(6) Persist in keeping the bottom line and strongly build a long -term mechanism for security and stability.Strengthen the ideological control of the education system and the education of students’ mental health, improve the public opinion research and judgment prevention and early warning system, establish an emergency handling coordinated linkage mechanism, and actively deal with various public opinion.We will improve the institutional mechanisms such as anti -bullying, anti -drowning, and normal death, and strengthen the construction of school civil defense, physical defense, technical defense, fire protection, and fire fighting.Strengthen the safety management of school buildings and improve the safety guarantee mechanism such as food and drinking water.Increase conditions such as the implementation of the implementation of the implementation of the educational examination organization and the improvement of the functional improvement of the test site to ensure the safety of the education examination.
Fourth, relevant requirements
In response to the problems raised by this report, each city and counties should be used to conduct a comprehensive investigation, and formulate measures and effectively rectify in accordance with the rectification opinions.The implementation of the rectification will be included in the important part of the evaluation of the municipal people’s government to perform education duties in the next year.
Attachment: In 2023, the municipal government fulfills the typical experience and practice of education responsibilities
In 2023, the municipal government fulfilled education responsibilities
Typical experience and practice
1. Jinan City
1. The Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government formulate several measures for teachers in inspiring kindergarten kinds of kindergarten in primary and secondary schools to formulate 12 reform measures in five aspects of commendation and rewards, honor systems, growth platforms, treatment guarantee, and care for care.Establish a full chain training mechanism for “selection, education, management, and use” of backbone teachers, and coordinate the implementation of four major projects for the training of future outstanding teachers’ growth community, famous teachers, educational managers, and rural backbone teachers.The construction project ranks first in the province.
2. The first local standard of kindergarten in the country, according to the inherent requirements of high -quality development of preschool education, formulated and introduced five local standards for the “Kindergarten Conservation Education Service Specifications” to fill the gap in the standardization of domestic preschool education, and effectively promote the overall quality improvement of regional kindergartens.High -quality hosted the promotion meeting of the Plaid Supervision and Evaluation of Preschool Education in the country.The first batch of national preschool education has popularized inclusiveness and Pingyin County.
3. Strengthen sports aesthetic education in the new era, and make typical speeches at the national myopia prevention and control work in children and adolescents in the country.
2. Qingdao City
1. Increase funding for funding. The standards of public funding for primary and junior high school students were increased to 1,300 yuan and 1,700 yuan, respectively, ranking first in the province.Concluding the responsibility of the education investment of governments at all levels, accelerating the progress of education funding and directing the implementation of fund budgets, and timely allocation of public funds for publicity in time.Strictly implement the charging management policy, and return to school kindergarten charges in a timely manner, and do not squeeze, intercepted, flattened, misappropriated school charging funds or balance budgets in any form.
2. Implement the actions of high -quality resources for basic education, optimize the allocation of educational resources, and vigorously promote the group -based and group -style school running model of prestigious schools.Implement the quality project of strong junior high schools, select more than 50 junior high schools with demonstration and lead, and formulate 9 measures such as the “unveiling the list” and other principals to accelerate the improvement of the high -quality and balanced development level of junior high school education.
3. 48 newly -held public kindergartens, an increase of 12,700 degrees, and the city’s high -quality park accounts for 73.42%.The first batch of nationwide preschool education and the inclusive state assessment and identification were passed by the first batch of preschool education.Li Cang District passed the first batch of national compulsory education high -quality and balanced development of national assessment and identification on the spot.
3. Zibo City
1. In -depth promotion of the whole environment to establish a tree, and was determined to be the “All Environmental Economy Experimental Zone” in Shandong Province.Bit.Zhoucun District and Gaoqing County passed the first batch of national preschool education to popularize the inclusion of inclusive countries.
2. Cultivate 12 provincial -level new and old kinetic energy conversion public training bases to build 37 modern industrial colleges; 6 colleges, 10 majors and local enterprises are included in provincial -level school -enterprise integrated school demonstration sites.Vocational education achievement awards are at the forefront of the province.
3. In the province, the whole city has implemented the reform of primary and secondary school titles in primary and secondary school titles that are “capable of upper and down, and can be promoted and descended.”To improve the training mechanism of teachers, 55 people were selected as the construction project of Qilu’s famous teacher and principal class teacher, one of the national “Huangda New Year Teachers Team”, 3 provincial teams, and national “Ten Thousand Talents Plan” teaching teacher reviews were on the list than 4Essence
Fourth, Zaozhuang City
1. Actively promote the construction of high -level middle -vocational schools and specialized majors, build 15 provincial brands, and establish 6 specialized major in Shandong Province. The CNC Technology Professional Group of Zaozhuang Vocational College has been established as a high -level professional group in Shandong Province.
2. Strengthen the construction of the teacher team, supplement more than 3,300 teachers through high -level talent recruitment, public recruitment before the interview, and one person is selected as the “New Era Primary and Middle School Teacher Name Principal Training Plan”.Teacher of Politics and Politics.
3. Create 20 provincial and municipal primary and secondary school research bases, and integrate the “ecological protection and high -quality development” of the Yellow River Basin into research and teaching. 4 courses are selected into provincial excellent research courses;Students draw “labor animation portraits”, and related experiences and practices have been publicized and reported by many media.
5. Dongying City
1. Public kindergarten covers 78.6%and 95.67%in the proportion of children in gardens and inclusive kindergartens, respectively, ranking among the forefront of the province.Guangrao County and Lijin County passed the first batch of national preschool education to popularize the inclusion of inclusive countries.
2. Continue to improve the conditions for running schools, build and expand 20 kindergartens in primary and secondary schools, 21 schools of schools, and 21 degrees, increase the degree of 19,000 degrees and 23,000 meals; complete the lighting of classrooms in 6233 primary and secondary schools, accounting for 87%of the total number of classrooms.
3. The development of high school education, the city’s level and the districts and counties under the jurisdiction have set up high school special discipline bases.
6. Yantai City
1. Promote compulsory education group running schools, build 101 education groups covering 370 schools, and form various models such as “famous schools+weak schools”, “famous schools+new schools”, “famous schools+township schools”.The Penglai District and High -tech Zone passed the first batch of national preschool education to popularize the inclusive national assessment and identification on the spot.
2. Promote the integration of production and education, and have been selected as a city with obvious results in the reform and development of vocational education in Shandong Province for 2 consecutive years; the establishment of three municipal production and education consorties in the Huangbohai New District, High -tech Zone, and Long Island comprehensive test area, and forming modern logistics, marine engineering, wineWait for 15 industries to integrate community of production and education.
3. Strengthen the sports aesthetics of schools in the new era, the excellent testing rate of students’ physical health standards has increased compared with the previous year, and the average myopia rate decreases compared to the previous year.Wait for media publicity and reports.
Seven, Weifang City
1. The first to start the construction of 3 municipal regional production and education consorties and 12 industries in the integration community of production and education. 8 cases were selected as typical cases of national education integration schools and enterprises;Two secondary schools and 5 vocational colleges have been evaluated in the provincial rural revitalization demonstration vocational colleges, and they are selected as the first batch of pilot cities in the province.
2. Deepen the reform of the education supervision system and mechanism, establish a supervision system for the party and government responsibility and the supervision of the governor; establish a third -level supervision work of “Municipal -level Supervisor Baozhen Street, County -level Supervisor Schools, and School Detectives for Self -inspection and Rectification”system.We will deepen the reform of the area of responsibility, and develop the “hand -in -hand” system in the research and development of the supervision list, implement the responsibility to supervise the “cloud punch card signing”, and realize the digital empowerment of smart supervision.The first batch of national compulsory education high -quality and balanced development national evaluation and identification on the spot was verified by Han Ting District, Changyi City, and Binhai District.
3. Several measures to introduce the reform of teachers in the province, promote the national artificial intelligence to promote the pilot construction of teachers, and implement the reform of the “three, three hires, three evaluations” reform.In 2022, the recruitment of kindergarten was compiled by 1,324 teachers (including the total control); 50 people were evaluated by Qilu famous teachers and principals.
8. Jining City
1. Continue to increase investment in education. In 2022, fiscal education expenditure accounted for 24.92%of fiscal expenditure.Vigorously promote the improvement of the weak links of compulsory education and the ability to improve capacity. The operating rate and completion rate of the planning project in 2022 ranks first in the province.
2. Promote the organic integration of the education chain, industrial chain, innovation chain, and talent chain, and establish 2 high -standard production and education consortiums and 15 communities in the integration of production and education.Coordinate the resources of all parties, and build a intelligent (simulation) training center that integrates practical teaching, social training, innovation and entrepreneurship, technical research and development services, and the true production of enterprises.
3. Implement the “ten degrees integration” working method such as high degree of education and confidentiality, awareness of confidentiality, awareness of confidentiality, awareness of confidentiality, awareness and scale, study and formulate the first monitoring teacher training plan in the province, and train about 10,000 backbone teachers in primary and secondary schools.144 chief education supervisors.In the province, we took the lead in carrying out the pilot of intelligent analysis and warning system for exception behaviors in the province.
Nine, Tai’an City
1. Comprehensively implement the “first class responsibility system” of ideological and political education, and explore the construction of the ideological and political education pattern of “everyone’s lectures, science and sciences, and daily lectures”. Related experience and practices are reported by media such as the Guangming Daily, and the China Education Daily.
2. Continue to increase investment in education. In 2022, fiscal education expenditure accounted for 22.74%of fiscal expenditure.There are 36 pilots in the provinces and counties of the town of strong town.Promote the group running schools, set up 42 education groups and 192 radiation schools.Daiyue District passed the first batch of national preschool education to popularize the on -site inspection of the national assessment and identification.
3. Innovate the implementation of the “dual reduction” policy, reduce the total amount of sleep, reduce repetition of practice, and reduce pressure to increase the combination.Report publicity and promotion.
10. Weihai City
1. Huancui District, Wendeng District, Rongcheng City, and Rushan City passed the first batch of national compulsory education high -quality balanced national evaluation and identification on the spot to achieve full coverage in the country.Huancui District, Rongcheng City, and Rushan City passed the first batch of national preschool education to popularize the on -site verification on the spot.
2. Weihai City has been identified as a “double reduction” pilot city in the country. It takes the lead in implementing the classification management reform of off -school training institutions in the province. All of them have completed the re -reviewing and registration of non -disciplinary out -of -school training institutions, ranking first in the province.
3. Formulate the implementation plan for labor education in primary and secondary schools in the new era, and set up “Weihai Primary and Middle School Labor Education Publicity Week”.The good health rate of primary and secondary schools in the city has increased for 2 consecutive years.
Eleven, Rizhao City
1. Deepen the integration of vocational education and education, school -enterprise cooperation, create 4 provincial -level high -level secondary vocational schools, and win 4 national vocational education and teaching achievements awards.Class production and education consortium was selected into the first batch of municipal production and education consortiums in Shandong Province.
2. Implement the “five batches” talent introduction, care about ten actions to care for teachers, innovate the “four evaluations and one tree”, “three evaluations and one creation” teacher ethics assessment and evaluation.Provincial Education Work Conference and other publicity and promotion.
3. In accordance with the ideas of government -led, medical and teaching, and prevention, innovate the new model of “government purchasing services, public medical and health institutions to school medicine”, which effectively solve the problem of unable to recruit, unable to keep it, and use unsatisfactory problems.Continue to promote the safety and stability of campus, and has been rated as a city in the province to prevent drowning in the province.
Twelve, Linyi City
1. Continue to increase investment in education. In 2022, fiscal education expenditure accounted for 24.54%of fiscal expenditure.Implementation of weak compulsory education and ability improvement projects, a total of 803 million yuan, 85 school building construction projects, and 63 equipment purchase projects.
2. Strengthen the supplementary efforts of teachers, and strive for 10,000 provincial -level overall overall weeks. Through public recruitment, talent introduction, and public funding teachers’ selection and other methods, it has recruited more than 15,000 teachers and introduced high -level talents since 2022, and the number of high -level talents, the number of quantities, quantityThe province is the most.Strengthen the construction of teachers’ morality and work, and carry out the assessment of the satisfaction of all teachers and teachers.
3. Continue to deepen off -campus training and governance, establish a “five -in -one” supervision system for “special education, joint inspection, township grid management, industry association self -regulatory inspection, and social supervision”, and carry out a centralized inspection of illegal mutation training, and”Double random, one open” centralized random inspection and other actions to effectively crack down on illegal training.Continuously promoting the compulsory education stage of discipline training institutions to reduce work, with a pressure decrease of 97.14%.
Thirteen, Texas City
1. Construct a systematic teacher training system, implement the “power of spring”, “the way of Hong Confucianism” of the backbone teachers, “the source of excellent”, the class teacher “soul of education”The lecture hall “” Disciplinary Teacher Dezhou Xing “,” Basic Education and Governance School Strategy Road Show Contest “and other activities, 100” famous teachers’ navigation studios “were completed, 150 candidates for selection of famous teachers construction projects, and the overall quality of the teachers continued to improve.
2. Carry out the Skills League of vocational colleges in the city, and host the National Vocational College Skills Competition in the seventh time. Two secondary vocational schools have been evaluated to the provincial rural revitalization demonstration school.The number is at the forefront of the province.
3. Through measures such as the educational examinations, the three -dimensional prevention system, the three -dimensional prevention system, the seminated training, the integrity examination education, and the incentive mechanism, the ability to prevent emergency protection, cheating, regulating the proctor, and civilized examinations have been effectively improved.
Fourteen, Liao City
1. Strengthen the introduction of teachers and high -level talents. Since 2022, more than 5,000 teachers have been recruited and 712 are placed on public -funded teachers.Building 2977 rural teachers’ turnover dormitory, attracting outstanding teachers to go, keep, and teach well in rural schools, and promote the revitalization of rural education.Strengthen the training of teachers, lead the professional growth of rural school (garden) and teachers as the focus of training, establish a coordinated training mechanism for municipal and county schools, and strive to improve the professional quality and teaching level of teachers.
2. Establish a Liaocheng Intelligent Manufacturing Industry and Education Alliance, prefabricated building production and education alliance, Internet production education innovation alliance to achieve “professional+industry”, “teaching+research and development”, “training+employment” efficient integration, Liaocheng No. 1 Vocational Education GroupAgreeed “the first batch of national demonstration vocational education groups”.
3. Strengthen education informatization work, optimize the “Easy Entry School” platform, and realize the online and hand -in -handing of compulsory education enrollment enrollment.Establishing a “network” construction service model for smart education in the city’s co -construction and co -governance is identified as the “National Primary and Secondary School Smart Education Platform” sub -pilot area of the Ministry of Education.The site exchanges and seminars of the digital work of county education in the country, and the digital transformation site of the Ministry of Education’s backbone teachers in primary and secondary schools will be held in Liaocheng.
Fifteenth, Binzhou City
1. Deepen the reform of the education supervision system and mechanism in the new era, and incorporate the government’s performance of education responsibilities into the comprehensive performance assessment of the comprehensive performance assessment of high -quality development of county -level economic and social development.Zou Ping City has passed the first batch of preschool education to popularize the national assessment and identification on the spot.
2. The province’s secondary vocational teachers’ teaching ability competition has achieved the “five consecutive championships”.The city’s “school -enterprise cooperation” enterprises exceeded 1,100, and 1,056 training bases for vocational colleges were established.
3. Implementing the “three” training projects, 5 million yuan of supporting funds at the municipal level, and cumulative 600 head teachers and teachers and teachers.47 undergraduate universities walked into Binzhou and signed a cooperation project of 32 school education talents.
16. Heze City
1. The city has recruited more than 7,000 teachers since 2022, and introduced 646 high -level talents in education.In accordance with the principle of “each year, dynamic management”, more than 10,000 teachers participate in hierarchical competition, of which 578 teachers are promoted to posts, 425 teachers reduce their posts, and realize “the level of job can be up and down, the treatment can be promoted and descended”, the teacher teamVitality has improved significantly.
2. Promote the standardization of schools, complete investment of 1.645 billion yuan, and focus on improving the conditions for rural compulsory education schools and kindergarten running conditions. In 2022, 60 newly built and expanded kindergartens in primary and secondary schools, 44,000 new degrees were added to promote the integrated urban and rural development.
3. Expand the supply of high -quality educational resources, set up 33 education groups, 27 education alliance schools, and 202 teaching community, and continuously shrink the development gap between urban and rural schools in regional urban and rural schools.

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