The third batch of national vocational education teachers innovation team special training activities were held

  In order to thoroughly study and implement the important exposition of the Supreme Leadership Secretary, promote the spirit of educators, and promote the construction of teachers’ innovation teams across the country, the Ministry of Education has organized the third batch of national vocational education teachers innovation at the Changzhou Vocational and Technical College in Changzhou Electrical and Electrical Vocational and Technical CollegeTeam (hereinafter referred to as an innovative team) special training activity.

  In 2019, the Ministry of Education launched the implementation of the national vocational college teachers’ innovation team construction project, focusing on the professional fields of strategic industries and the major areas of people’s livelihood, and built national innovation teams in the year and professional.While promoting the first two batches of 364 teams, in November 2023, the Ministry of Education announced the third group of national innovation teams, with a total of 147 teams selected.Under the leadership of the national -level innovation team, schools and localities should make a good overall planning and construction layout of the provincial and school -level innovation teams according to local conditions.2. Promote the innovative team network of continuous improvement of talent training.As of now, more than 20 provinces in the country have carried out the construction of innovative teams, and the number of provincial -level innovation teams has increased from 500 in 2022 to more than 2,000 in 2023.The construction model of the innovation team, in order to create a “dual -teacher” teacher team with the quality of dual divisions and the excellent structure of dual divisions, it has explored a useful construction path, which is of great significance to promote the construction of vocational education teachers.

  The training activities were deployed and arranged for the construction of the third batch of national innovation teams, conducted special counseling and related policy documents for key difficulties in team building, and in -depth discussions on the practice of innovation teams and community construction. The first two batchesThe national innovation team shared the construction experience and typical cases, and organized the participating team to go to the Changzhou Science and Education City to study and observe.Through the training activities, it further deepened the understanding of the establishment of the construction unit’s important significance to the construction of the innovation team, clarified the construction direction and key tasks of the innovation team, and effectively promoted the high starting point construction and high standard implementation of the innovation team.

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