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The simple line and cute Pupu pupu puppets are stubborn, passing the natural healing power, and its high saturation red, which makes people feel a warm energy and a vigorous spirit;The long ears hang behind, and it is like a little red hat running in the wind, like traveling in a dream that is unwilling to wake up, exploring a more real self in the imagination adventure …
On the afternoon of April 24th, the “IP · Innovation Future” artistic fashion copyright market kicked off at the Yanyu Park in Nanbin Road.Each of the mini -handed blind boxes developed by puppet installation art PUPU bear, heart rabbit and little red hat, attracting many citizens and tourists to stop.”As long as the sculpture of an artist is less than 80 yuan, it is too much!” Wang Yi, a tourist from Shanghai, bought two blind boxes as a hand letter for Chongqing. He told a reporter from the New Chongqing-Chongqing Daily.
Copyright is an integral part of intellectual property, the basic resources of culture, and an important manifestation of innovation.In the process of accelerating the construction of a new development pattern and the construction of innovative countries, cultural power, and intellectual property rights, the status of copyright has become more and more important, and its role is becoming more significant.With the increasing attention of copyright, the integration of art and copyright is becoming an important driving force for the high -quality development of the traditional copyright industry.Under the escort of copyright, urban culture can be better “out of the circle.”
The “IP · Future” art fashion copyright market aims to show the integration of the city’s fashion art and copyright industry, and promote the transformation of IP authorization.The artworks mentioned at the beginning of the article all come from the hands of the artist of the outstanding copyright company Chongqing Jinshan Yiku.At the market site, there are many similar copyright products.
▲ Artistic copyright products developed based on Chongqing Tongliang Dragon Team.Reporter Zhao Xin
The mascot Dragon, which is jointly created by the Copyright Enterprise Chongqing Qingchuan to the Tonglianglong Football Club of Chongqing, is also a “conspicuous package” on this market.The cartoon image “Dragon” is wearing the exclusive jersey of the Chongqing Tonglianglong’s main team. The exposed teeth and golden eyebrows are unforgettable.According to the staff of the Qingchuan to the object, the IP image of “Longlong” came out after more than half a year of screening and design. It is deeply rooted in the hearts of the team and helps to closer the distance of the fans.
▲ Wang Jialing’s masterpiece “Light of Life” has developed into ordinary people’s homes through artistic copyright design.Reporter Zhao Xin
“The Light of Life” by the famous painter Wang Jialing also entered the home of ordinary people through the form of art copyright.The original work was collected by the China Art Museum and was valuable. Through authorized copyright companies to design and develop limited edition art works, the copyright value was transformed and enlarged, and it was closer to the people’s lives.
It is worth mentioning that this market is unique in the design of the VI visual recognition system. The IP image design of the “Book Fragrance” IP is even more popular, highlighting the respect and protection of copyright.The booth design is unique, and the independent exhibition pavilion perfectly integrate art and fashion, and each booth is a punch place.
▲ Chongqing elements are incorporated into the original art copyright work.Reporter Zhao Xin
The market not only provides a platform for designers, artists and copyright companies to show, communicate, and negotiate and communicate, but also provides opportunities for them to discuss new trends in the industry and find new opportunities for cooperation.The market has created a mutually inspiration and common progress for participants. It has also fully demonstrated the unique charm and artistic value of Chongqing culture through the interaction of creative copyright products.Essence
The “IP · Innovation Future” artistic fashion copyright market has injected new vitality into the copyright trading market of our city, and it also opened up a new space for the development of the copyright industry. The organizer said that this market is different from other creative markets.”First of all, all the products are original products, and these products have been initially tested, and they have good market development prospects. Second, the market has a unified visual recognition system, which itself reflects respect for copyrights. Finally, the market, the cityCollection plans to be held by market -oriented operations, and strive to build a platform for copyright display and authorization transactions. “
This market will last until April 28, and citizens can go to the Yanyu Park on Nanbin Road to experience.

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