Why do you always call more exercise? What are the benefits of exercise?

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  With the improvement of living standards and the transformation of people’s ideas, many people will participate in physical exercise in their spare time. As we all know, moderate exercise can not only reduce weight, but also strengthen their body. How long can they eat after exercise?Maybe many friends are not very clear about this.Let’s take a look together.

  Many people often do not eat after exercise. In fact, this approach is wrong. Reasonable arrangements for diet after exercise are good for health. So how long can I eat after exercise?

  1. Don’t eat immediately:As we all know, during the exercise, the human body will be concentrated in the muscle group. At this time, the gastrointestinal motility will slow down and the digestive ability is poor, so you cannot eat immediately after exercise. Generally speakingYou can eat some foods around hours to relieve hunger.

  2. Diet after exercise should be light and nutritious:After the fierce sports exercise, you must eat a light diet. Do not eat too greasy and indigestible foods. You can drink some protein powder and sports drinks.

  After exercise, reasonable arrangements will not gain weight. In fact, moderate exercise benefits are many.

  1. Control weight and keep healthy

  The most obvious advantage of participating in physical exercise is that it is conducive to weight loss and can control weight in a reasonable range. As we all know, excessive weight will bring extra burden on the body, which will cause the incidence of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases to increase.And often participating in sports can effectively prevent these diseases.

  2. It can make people happy

  Sports can also make people happy. According to relevant research, moderate participation in physical exercise can stimulate the brain to release a special chemical substance, which can make people feel happy and relaxed, and then enhance self -confidence.

  Third, it can make people energetic

  Moderate participation in sports allows you to have a strong physique and better endurance, and can improve the oxygen carrying ability of blood, allow the whole person to be energetic, and better cope with the pressure from work and life.

  4. Can improve sleep quality

  Moderate participation in sports is also very helpful for the improvement of sleep quality. Those who often participate in physical exercise often have higher sleep quality and the chance of insomnia is relatively low.Exercise can cause excessive physical excitement.

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