Zhongke Sunshine 2024 Career Launch Conference was held in Beijing to seek a new chapter in China

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On March 22, the “Yangfan Qi Lai Xingyao Future” Zhongke Sunshine 2024 Career Launch Conference and Press Conference were held in Beijing. It aims to use healthy food to help practice the “healthy China” strategy and promote the modernization and upgrade of national health.

(China Science and Technology Sunshine 2024 Casino officially launched)

The “Opinions on the Implementation of Action of Healthy China” proposed “Promoting the Construction of Food Nutrition Standard System”; the “Healthy China 2030” Planning Outline also pointed out that “developing new formats in health services and actively promoting health and pension, tourism, Internet, fitnessLeisure and food integration has spawned new health industries, new formats, and new models. “Under the rapid integration of technology and innovation, the health food industry is getting rid of the traditional production model and sales channels, and moving towards a higher -end and refined hot track.In the new retail innovation platform, the Sunny Sunlight came into being. It adheres to the concept of “maintaining public health and being a nutritionist of Chinese people”, empowering science and technology, innovation drive, continuously promoting industrial upgrading and business model innovation, providing consumers with providing consumers withHigh -quality, convenient and personalized products and services.

Focusing on the road of high -growth enterprises, systems, and individuals, the conference invited Zhang Bing, deputy director, professor, and doctoral supervisor Zhang Bing, deputy director, professor, and doctoral supervisor of the China Disease Control and Control Center.”” “.He said that the patients with hypertension show a “younger” trend. The residents of Chinese residents have insufficient nutrients such as retinol equivalent, calcium, zinc and other trace nutrient intake. In terms of diet structureExcessive, unsaturated fatty acids, nuts, whole grains, vegetables, aquatic products, fruits are too small. It is recommended to have diverse foods, eat moving balance, less salt and less oil, sugar -controlled alcohol, etc.At the same time, the conference specially invited Zhang Weiming, the director of the Direct Sales Division of the Commissioner of the State Administration for Industry and Commerce and the researcher at the Peking University Direct Sales Research Center.

At the meeting, the new products: Ganoderma selenium -enriched polypeptide protein powder, lycopene, corn peptide, amino sugar coenzyme Q10, soybean isoflavones and other products have been released. At the same time, the innovative achievements and future development of Zhongke Sunshine in the field of retailplanning.

Behind Zhongke Sunshine has strong R & D and production support.Lu Cheng, chairman of Jinde Group, introduced that “Jin De” has focused on the research and development and production of high -tech functional biological health foods for many years, and has passed the Chinese University of Science and Technology, and the high -tech series of high -tech anti -aging series, high -tech of Ritter Eris, high -techStem cell health management plans and high -end Kaijiu Parks provide high -end -Kai Kaicai solutions for the nutritional and national health of the people.

The new retail of health foods under technology and innovation faces infinite possibilities. This conference has made the industry touch new vitality and motivation.General Manager Dong of Zhongke Sunshine said that he will continue to work hard to the health of the country and explore life and health. It will practice healthy China strategy with practical actions and promote the vigorous development of the health cause of the whole people.

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