Scientific and reasonable exercise reduces the symptoms of allergies in spring

Spring is a good season for outdoor sports, but it is also a sensitive season for people with allergies.At this time, the temperature difference between day and night is large, and it is often accompanied by the changing weather such as strong wind, hot and cold alternatives, and just experienced winter, the defense mechanism in all aspects of the body is relatively weak, and the temperature and seasonal changes cannot be adapted.Fatigue and other situations.At this time, it is particularly important to drive away fatigue, alleviate allergies, and improve physical resistance through regular exercise.

Exercise enhances resistance to alleviate allergic symptoms

Spring is the most widely disseminated season for tree and flowers. Allergens such as pollen, dust, and microorganisms increase, which can easily lead to various types of allergic symptoms and make it miserable.At the same time, the intensity of ultraviolet rays in the spring of spring began to rise, which can easily cause damage to the skin, cause inflammation, cause skin redness, swelling, itching, and aggravate skin allergies.

In addition, the temperature in spring increases, the amount of sebum and sweat of the skin increases, and the microorganisms on the surface of the skin are also active. If the care is improper, it is easy to break the balance of the microbial group on the skin surface. Some microorganisms will secrete some substances that stimulate the skin.Causes skin allergies.The wind and dry weather in the north can also cause skin sensitivity.

Liang Chen, chief physician of the Institute of Sports Medicine of the State General Administration of Sports, said that for people of allergies, physical exercise is essential, because allergies are actually an excessive response to allergens themselves.Through exercise, the disorders of this immune system can be very good for human health.Frequent participation in proper exercise, developing exercise habits, can enhance their own resistance and immunity, maintain the best health state.

Sports to avoid morning and evening.People with allergic constitutions go out for a period of lowering the level of pollen in the air outdoors.From 5 to 10 am is the peak period of pollen diffusion, it is best not to move out at this time.The level of pollen in the air at dusk is the highest, so avoid exercise during this time.If the time choice is not large, you need to wear a mask when you go outdoors to prevent too much pollen. After the exercise, you can wash your nose with physiological saline. You can also use a special cleaner to remove the pollen left in the nasal cavity.

Outdoor sports reduce fatigue and stay away from spring difficulties

After the weather is warm, many people will feel sleepy, tired, and dizzy. This is often called “spring sleepy”.The reason is that after the climate is warm, the capillaries of the body surface need to increase blood flow due to stretching. At this time, the blood flow of the brain tissue will be reduced accordingly, and the oxygen supply of the brain tissue will be insufficient, which will cause the phenomenon of sleepy, fatigue, and lethargy.

Driving away the spring difficulties, exercise is very effective.Exercise can improve the metabolic process of the human body, enhance blood circulation and respiratory function, and have a certain stimulating effect on the central nervous system. Therefore, more exercise in spring can promote the circulation of qi and blood and make the body function in a good state.Zhao Bin, an expert in the National Health Science Popularization Expert Library and the chief physician of the Emergency Department of Beijing Jishui Tan Hospital, said that spring is most suitable for outdoor sports that are close to nature, such as walking, cycling, jogging, and climbing.

Fasting is a suitable sport in spring.For those who usually lack exercise, it is not scientific to practice running at the beginning, and it is easy to impact on the knee joint.With the method of fast walking, breathing fresh air, but also achieved the effect of exercise fat reduction.After 5 minutes slowly, you can speed up the pace. It can take about 120 to 130 steps per minute, at least 30 minutes each time.

Mountaineering is also an excellent aerobic movement in spring. The air in the mountains is fresh, which is beneficial to improving the volume of lungs, increasing lung capacity, and increasing lung function. At the same time, it can also enhance the contraction ability of the heart.The bumpy roads in the mountains are conducive to improving the balance of the human body and enhancing the ability of the limbs. Especially walking on non -step roads that have not been modified by artificial modification can enable human muscle fibers to thicken, develop muscles, and enhance physical flexibility.In addition, climbing can relieve the fatigue of the eye muscles, and can also relax and rest the tense brain.

In addition to exercise, you must also pay attention to rest and diet to ensure a certain sleep. Successful sleep can help eliminate fatigue.Increase the intake of protein in your diet, and appropriately increase fish, eggs, milk, soy products, pork liver, chicken, peanuts and other foods to ensure the needs of high -quality protein in the human body.Eat more alkaline foods to neutralize acidic products in the body to eliminate fatigue.

Maintain reasonable exercise intensity to wake up vitality

Zhao Bin reminded that the appropriate exercise intensity is essential for physical health.Excessive exercise intensity will cause damage to the body.The intensity of exercise is not enough, and the impact on health is minimal.The intensity of exercise should be determined according to the age, physical condition, whether or not basic diseases, and more exercise.Regardless of which exercise method is selected, excessive exercise will lead to faster heart rate, and fatigue is not easy to alleviate.

In the way to monitor the intensity of exercise, self -feel is the most convenient and direct.If you feel a slight heartbeat, your body sweats slightly, you can eliminate the fatigue caused by exercise in a short period of time after exercise, and you will not feel the discomfort such as muscle soreness after getting up the next day.One day’s exercise intensity is more reasonable.However, if the original state cannot be restored for a long time after exercise, the muscle soreness and even nausea after getting up the next day, then the exercise intensity of the previous day is too large and it needs to be adjusted in time.

In addition to increasing the amount of exercise step by step, we must also pay attention to heart rate and physical fatigue. Everyone must briefly evaluate their physical condition: observe whether the body has discomfort, the desire to exercise, whether they are willing to exercise, sleep, sleep, sleep, sleep, sleepIs it sufficient?During exercise, it is best not to be empty.Properly supplement some energy before exercise, such as bananas and carbohydrates; if you choose outdoor sports, the weather conditions are also important. When you encounter low temperature, you should keep warm when outdoor sports.

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