Raise posture!Let’s take a look at the food in the 13th city of Heilongjiang. Which is your hometown specialty?

Raise posture!Let’s take a look at the food in the 13th city of Heilongjiang. Which is your hometown specialty?

Each city has food that can represent local characteristics

Foodists come to a certain city

Is it habitual and want to eat the most authentic deliciousness?

Representative food in Heilongjiang 13

The bacteria will give you the old iron today!

Do you have your favorite?


Red Sausage

Red intestine is also known as Ridos, which is a kind of sausage native to Lithuania, which is processed with pork and starch materials.Harbin specialty, originates from Russia, is one of the famous specialties in China.The taste is mellow and delicious.Sales all over the country.The white block is fat, and it is chewy after smoking!

Pork stew noodles

The unique northeast -flavored dishes are loved by north and south.The pork stewed noodles are the first stew of “Four Stews in the Northeast”.


During the Guangxu period, it was created from the hands of Zheng Xingwen, a chef Yin Du Xuexue from the Taoist Mansion of Harbin.The finished product is golden, sweet and sour, crispy and tender outside!

Pumped elbow

It is a specialty of Harbin, Heilongjiang Province, which belongs to smoked dishes.It mainly needs to put the cooked pork elbow flower in the smoked drawer, put it in a smoked pot or smoked.

Smoked Wuxiang Dahayu

This is a local specialty in Harbin Acheng District.The dishes are rosy, delicious, and endless.The Wusuri River has a clear water quality, and the big Maha fish is tender and fresh. If you come to Harbin, you must try it!



The pot is a well -known snack in the Northeast. The method is similar to the dumplings. The biggest difference is that the wrapped dumplings are fried in the pot in the pot.It is more layered and fragrant than dumplings.

Dog meat stew tofu

Dog meat stew tofu, one of the eight major stews in the northeast.As the saying goes: “The cold winter solstice, dog meat fat”.”Dog meat is rolling three, and the fairy stands unstable.”The cold winter is a good time to eat dog meat.Dog meat has a mellow taste and fragrant, so some places are called incense meat. It and mutton are all good products for winter supplement. The nutritional value of dog meat is very high.

Stewed vegetables

Local traditional traditional dishes are very nutritious.Dried vegetables are fresh vegetables such as bean horn, eggplant, and potatoes. They are dried after drying them. They have a variety of vitamins and trace elements.

Big Goose Stew

Big Goose Stewed Sauvils, also known as iron pot roasted goose, is a delicious traditional cuisine.Although the shape is slightly rough, the color is strong, the dish is flavorful, and the salty is clear.The goose meat is crispy and crispy, the sauerkraut is thick, bright oil is bright, and the soup is thick.Especially suitable for winter consumption.

Jiusu pine nut chicken

Local specialty dishes are delicious and rich in nutrition.


Burn cake

Use warm water and noodles, the temperature of water and the amount of salt to increase or decrease with the season.After rolling the pie slices, bake it on the charcoal stove, bake it and bake it, and the bakery is all transmitted.The finished product is flat, with tiger skin color, with clear layers, tender outside, and delicious.

Mirror Pyreal Silk

Mudanjiang Ning’an Specialty, it is a traditional dish of the lake, which is fine and sophisticated.Use fast knife to cut the fresh golden carp, take the flesh of both ribs, cut it into eight inches of filament, soak the fish shreds such as vinegar into a pink white shape, and then use the “golden needle” and “melon leaves incense.”In the filaments of Shanzhen, emerald green, golden, and pink white are interesting.Finally, pour the tender cucumber juice, coriander juice, sugar garlic juice, small grinding sesame oil, ginger juice and other condiments.After eating, the aftertaste is endless, and it is famous for its tender, crispy, fragrant, smooth and appropriate.

Bloody blood bowel

It is a representative of Northeast stew. The white meat is fat but not greasy, the meat is rotten, the blood is bright, the blood is bright, delicious and delicate.

Dog soup

At the Korean hotel, all the dog broth was stewed a day when the fresh meat was one day, and there was no old soup.The dog broth made of this is called Qing soup.To eat dog meat, there are more names.Dog meat stew tofu, dog meat cabbage, dog meat hot pot, but no matter what kind of dog meat you eat, a bowl of dog soup is indispensable, this bowl of soup is entrance, reflects it, and feel that there is aroma in the nasal cavity.fragrant.


When the Korean nation is in the New Year, every family must prepare a lot of glutinous rice to make cakes, and give it to neighbors and relatives and friends.The saying of “eating cakes for the New Year” was produced from this custom.Gifts of festivals must not be missing rice cakes, especially when giving a gift from giving birth to a gift. It is said that the meaning of sincerity, love and filial piety in rice cakes.


Catfish sauce

Funyuan catfish sauce is a specialty of Funyuan County, Jiamusi City, Heilongjiang Province.The reputation of the long -range catfish sauce is processed by Shi’s catfish eggs and Da’s catfish egg salt.The catfish eggs are like mung beans, and the body is dark green. Therefore, there are “emeralds” and “black pearls”. Because of their high nutritional value, not only are they popular in the European and American markets, they are also popular in the domestic market.

Yellow rice cut cake

The red sticky mill grinding and the cooked kidney beans are placed in multi -layer, steamed, add sugar to eat, and can also be fried and fried.Sticky and delicious, sweet but not greasy.Hundreds of years of production history.

Fish hair

Fish hair is one of the traditional specialties of the Hezhe people, and it is also one of the special products of Jiangcheng.Fish hair is a nutritious and healthy food, and it is also the first choice for giving guests!

Dry frying big plate yellow croake

Tongjiang specialty.Fresh wild yellow croaker is fried and tender outside, making people appetite.The main flood season of big yellow croakers around the sun in the summer, and the rainy period of the small yellow croaker from Qingming to Gu Yu. At this time, the yellow croaker is fat, golden in scales, and its development is the most edible value.


Large corn particles, northeast is called big dumplings.The big sister -in -law needs to be soaked in advance, so that after the water absorption and swelling are fully absorbed, and then porridge, boil the heat after the pan, slowly boil the heat until the softness, add some kidney beans to soak when the big sister -in -law is soaked.Do not add alkali porridge. Although saving time, it will destroy nutrition.


Shirengou carp

Shirengou carp is a specialty of Dolbert Mongolian Autonomous County, Daqing City, Heilongjiang Province.Shiren Gully carp, tender and delicious in meat, less meat, rich in nutrition, and contains a variety of nutrients necessary for the human body.

Zhaozhou sauerkraut fish

Fresh and refreshing, appetizing and spleen, sobying refreshing, Tang Mei Shi.

Monte grilled lamb leg

According to legend, the hunting and nomadic people living in the vast land of northern China often bake the whole prey and sheep to eat by the bonfire.People gradually discover that the best part of the whole sheep is the lamb’s hind legs, and they often cut the sheep’s hind legs to bake.The legs that baked alone were not only faster than grilling the whole sheep, but also more delicious and easy to eat. The grilled lamb legs gradually replaced the roasted sheep.

Daqing knife cut noodles

The knife noodles were named by the knife, so they were named.The facial leaves cut out of the knife are thin and thin in the middle, with a clear edge, and shaped like willow leaves;

Daqing steak chicken

With a unique chopped chicken craft, with a variety of precious condiments, it is refined with old -fashioned soup and unique craftsmanship.Its flavor is overflowing, smooth and refreshing, and is a typical masterpiece of black food and green food.

Black river

Red -star sauerkraut

It is a specialty of the Hongxing Farm area of Bei’an City, Heilongjiang Province.Red star sauerkraut is white or light yellow, with luster; the texture is crispy, tender and sour taste, there is a smell after fermentation of the corresponding vegetables, without odor.

Green Fangma

“Green Fang” originated between the ancestors of the Northeast Ancient Post Station during the Ming and Qing dynasties, and has a history of hundreds of years.Select the superior horse meat, use the traditional formula and process of standing people, and refine it with modern cooking methods.


Bianxianxia County, Heilongjiang Province, is located north of Qiqihar and belongs to the Heihe area. It relies on the beautiful and rich sources of tender river water to nourish the local simplicity.Stewed potatoes, cabbage, noodles, tofu, pork, and stewed in a pot. Big fish and shrimp are not overwhelmed.

Frying loach

The loach in the Heihe is very fat, and it is definitely wild. Every time the loach is fat, most Heihe people will run to catch, and then come back and eat.Before you fry, wash the loach, then sprinkle some salt, and then put it in a cooked oil pan and fry. When the aroma overflows it, it can be removed.It tastes even more delicious!

Supo Tang

Su Bo Decoction (Russian Su Bo means soup), which is made of fresh cabbage, potatoes, tomatoes, and fragrant leaves. It is cooked with beef or beef bone. It has a delicious taste and rich nutrition.


Mingshui laughed

It is mainly made of raw materials such as flour, peanut oil.

Yulin tendon cake

Yulin Town, Lanxi County, there is a well -known cuisine -Yulin tendon cake.The tendon cake is thin and tough as the spring cake. It is golden and translucent, with a fragrant and oily fragrance.Eating muscles is not particular about the season, rolling vegetables can be a variety of, as long as you can think of it can be rolled inside.Round green onions, sweet noodle sauce, toon fried eggs, potato shreds, spicy shredded pork, fish -flavored shredded pork, bean sprouts, smoked meat, coriander, pork head, and so on.

Beilin sauerkraut soup

Beilin sauerkraut soup is one of the local specialty dishes in Suihua.Add the salt twice to the ribs and sauerkrauts, and finally taste salty after mixing. The salty water should be heated, and salt will be added with light.Because of the main drinking sauerkraut soup, the soup is exactly the same, and the pork ribs can be eaten with garlic soy sauce.

Anda Stepe 茄

One of Suihua specialty products, delicious, delicious!

Sweet corn cake

Sweet corn cake, eat the outer coke and tenderness while it is hot, the fragrance of corn is full of mouth, it is easy to make it. You do n’t have to rub the noodles hard or wait for it to ferment.


Fried quail

Quail meat has high nutritional value and is rich in protein and vitamins. It is an excellent nutritional supplement and is known as the “ginseng” of animals.The fried quail is very famous in Yichun, with a large and small restaurant, with an average of about 10 yuan, and there are also about 60 yuan for the disclosure of about 60 yuan.

Ginseng plaster chicken soup

Ginseng plaster chicken soup is one of the special dishes of Yichun. Because of the local flavor, ginseng, cinnamon and other selection of ingredients are convenient and affordable, and the quality is easy to guarantee.Yichun’s large and small restaurants can be tasted, about 25 yuan a bowl.

Honey and venison

Deep venom is high -pole, delicate meat, beautiful taste, and lean meat. It can cook a variety of dishes. Honey venison is a special dish with local characteristics in Yichun.Almost all restaurants in Yichun can eat venison, and they have different ways of eating. There are barbecue, stewed, and braised, etc., with an average of about 45 yuan.

Featured Stewed Cat Meat

When it comes to eating, many people talk about “cats” change. They think that eating cats will have a loss, and there will be retribution. Some people call it “cat meat acid”.Meat, the taste is almost the same as the rabbit. It is as fragrant. It assists some mushrooms, fungus, and wild vegetables. If you do n’t say it in advance, you ca n’t eat cat meat.

Stewed carrot

Radium -stewed radish is a local famous dish in Yichun.The mule meat itself is rich in nutrition, but if the cooking is improper, there will be animal odors, so few people in home dishes are tried. They are both locals.Yichun’s stewed carrots are not only delicious, but also have the medicinal effect of nourishing qi and blood!


Small cage powder steamed beef

Small cage powder steamed beef belongs to home -cooked dishes.It has the effects of qi and blood double supplementation, supplementing deficiency and nourishing body conditioning, and strengthening spleen appetizer conditioning.

Hegang fried noodles

Eat fried sauce noodles elsewhere, you need to fried sauce. You do n’t need it in Hegang. There are ready -made Baoquan Ling Palace meat sauce.Cook the noodles, and the ready -made sauce will be left.Sandy, cucumber shreds, green onion, coriander segment are all real estate, fresh water spirit.This palace meat sauce is an expert ingredient, with all the color and fragrance, the first -class good sauce, you don’t eat a bowl of fried noodles, you have to get a bowl.

Sauce mixing big tofu

A piece of tofu, a bag of Baoquanling spicy sauce.Boil the water, boil the water, put the tofu into the pot, then open the pot, remove it, put it in the plate, control the water, and pour the spicy sauce to the tofu.When eating, mix while eating, delicious, tofu and spicy sauce are delicious.


Just use the local purple eggplant, go, don’t cut, tear.Tear into eggplant strips, oily.You can add minced meat in the green onion.Lower the big sauce, stir -fry the incense, add water a little, put the eggplant stripes in, murder the medium fire for three or four minutes, put the pan in the pan, sprinkle with coriander, minced garlic, thief fragrance!

White fish dumpling

Heilongjiang snacks are named after making it with Xingkai Lake Big White Fish.Its thin skin is large and has a lot of juice.The taste is delicious and has a unique flavor.

Shuangya Mountain

Northeast Bone Bog

Large bone sticks, of course, choose pig bones, two big ends, small in the middle, should not be flat on both sides, so no bone marrow.Then if you need to choose too much meat, because you are not meat.

Raohe sauce and duck

Raohe sauerkraut duck is one of the special snacks of Shuangyashan. It is a food made of duck meat and sauerkraut. It has delicious taste and rich soup. It is loved by local residents and tourists.


Specialties in Raohe County, Shuangyashan City.


Taste and vague!

Soft fried fish

Soft fried fish is a traditional Han famous dish in Northeast China.


Hezhe sashimi

The population of the Hezhe people is only more than 1,400 (1982), which is mainly distributed in Tongjiang County, Raohe County, and Fuyuan County, Heilongjiang, and live along the river.The fishing and hunting economy is the main source of their lives. Food is mainly fish, and there is a unique skill of cooking fish dishes.

Jiangshui stewed fish

The live fish that grows naturally in the water of the Wusili River water is delicious, fragrant, and pure. It can taste this unique taste anyway elsewhere. Because of this, the price is more expensive.It is a sorry for Jiangshui stewed fish.

Chicken West Stinky Tofu

Chicken West’s stinky tofu is different from the outside. It is a string of buying one by one. They fry them in the pan together, fry until they are drumming, and then brush the ingredients.I saw three kinds of ingredients. One was spicy sauce. It was not delicious without brushing this.Try it!

Li Jiazhu Hand

The Li family pig’s hand is one of the names of the chicken west flavor. It has a long history and is loved by the people.The meat is fat but not greasy.

Candied sweet potatoes

The sloping sweet potato is a traditional Han nation’s traditional dish made of sweet potatoes, sugar, oil and other ingredients.


Stewed tofu in the snow

The origin of the red stewed tofu in the snow: In the past, farmers took red redness in the snow and used it as pickles. Later, the peasants cleaned the red in the snow and removed the salt., Spread to this day.

Pork ribs stewed beans

In the past, there were noble guests in the family of Heilongjiang. They used the pork ribs of the year to kill the pork ribs and stewed the oil beans that they planted to entertain the guests. The taste was very delicious.This dish is a good -taste on the street dishes in Heilongjiang.

Maha fish stew pork belly

The origin of Maha fish stewed pork belly was that in the past, fishermen felt that stewed fish was light, and the taste was more fragrant after adding pork, which evolved.

Chopped chicken

Heilongjiang local home traditional dishes.

Jingde Green Cane

“Jingde Qingcan”, a variety of sugar cane, is well -known inside and outside Anhui Province.The temperature, water, soil, and light of Xuande County are suitable for sugarcane. Here, the cultivation of sugarcane has a history of more than a thousand years. According to the county’s records, cultivation began to be cultivated in the early Eastern Han Dynasty.

Daxinganling area

Northeast sticky bean bag

Now I rarely eat authentic bean bags in Heilongjiang, and now I use sticky rice bags, which has been tasteless as before.

Chestnut yellow steak chicken

The chestnut yellow chicken is a traditional famous dish made of ingredients such as boy chicken and chestnuts. The color is golden, the chicken is crispy, the chestnuts are crisp but not rotten, and the taste is delicate.The chestnut yellow chicken is used to taste delicious!

Stupid chicken stewed pipe mushroom

The only place for Maojian mushrooms in China is the Daxinganling Ridge, which is the highest among the Northeast stew.

Fatty intestine

The fat intestine is a common Han food with golden color, golden color, looks like fat intestines, tenderness in the outer coke, salty and sweet, welcomed by old and young, and often eat.As a method of processing fat intestines, it is one of the most common cooking methods for fat intestines through “slip”.

Stir -fry

Stir -fried all kinds of mountains and wild vegetables (bracken, cucumber fragrance, daylily, spiny bud, etc.): fresh and tender fragrance, rich nutrition, different flavors, are called non -polluting famous dishes.

Heilongjiang is so big

Let’s eat it together!

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