Porridge shops Taihe Community Carry out health clinics

Correspondent Zhu Yanhui
Recently, the Porridge Street Taihe Community and the Dermatology Hospital of Daiyue District, Tai’an City organized a “skin disease” knowledge propaganda and free clinic activity.Further promote the popularization of health knowledge and improve the attention of residents to skin diseases and skin tumors.
The free clinic activity attracted many surrounding residents to come to consult, and the scene was orderly.Based on rich clinical experience, doctors and experts at the scene gave detailed publicity and answers to common skin diseases such as freckles, acne, allergic skin diseases, psoriasis, dermatitis, eczema, etc.It also provided targeted suggestions and treatment plans based on the residents’ condition, and provided intimate skin care guidance.
This free clinic provides a face -to -face and zero -distance service for the masses, which not only promotes health scientific knowledge, but also improves the masses’ awareness of prevention, and guides the masses to establish the health concept of “early discovery, early prevention, early treatment” for diseases.Taihe Community will continue to link multiple resources, carry out various forms of beneficiated people, bring more voluntary services of the people and the people to the door of the residents, and effectively enhance the sense of happiness, gain, and security of the community residents.

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