Dong’er Ejiao appeared at the 2024 Wuzhen Health Conference and won a number of industry awards

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Recently, the opening ceremony of the 2024 Wuzhen Health Conference and the 2nd China OTC Conference was held in Wuzhen, Zhejiang.Dong’er Ejiao Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “East Ejiao”) brought a grand appearance with many star products, and won a number of awards such as the “West Lake Award? Medical Manufacturing Digital Example Enterprise” with its outstanding performance in the field of digital transformation.
In recent years, Dong’er Ejiao has built the “two -wheel drive” growth model of drugs and health consumer goods. Taking drugs as the cornerstone, healthy consumer goods as the increase, continuously deepen the digital and intelligent transformation of the entire industrial chain, and further open up raw materials with digitalization.All aspects of research and development, production, management, and marketing are innovative and developed towards youth, technology, and digitalization, and strive to promote the integration of nourishing culture into the daily life of consumers.
Dong’er Ejiao has always put the quality of the product first. He insists on the quality of the work of the gold medal and the quality of the gold medal product. It is well managed by digitalizing, visualization, flexibility, and intelligence around the production process.Precise control.Under the “3+2+3” full -link digital logic, build a production and marketing association system to improve the agile response capabilities of the supply chain and achieve efficient operation.
At the meeting, Dong’er Ejiao also won the “West Lake Award? Innovation Marketing Case Award”.In the past two years, Dong’er Ejiao has always adhered to the principle of consumer demand as its core, actively promoted the deep integration of wisdom and business, and continuously accelerated the pace of digital marketing innovation.In 2023, Dong’er Ejiao conducted in -depth traceability integrated marketing to build a new methodology for medical marketing.The project is integrated with pharmaceutical chain and local media resources, using Ejiao’s traceability journey as the content carrier, and playing new marketing marketing in the form of live broadcast.
It is worth noting that the star products of the East Ejiao have won the “most popular star single product award” with their outstanding brand strength and market influence.The product takes “good blood and blood, no longer virtual” as the communication strategy, and makes full use of high -potential energy media and youthful social media platforms to implement a new strategy of precision digital people, realizing the brand’s renovation and upgrading, which has caused widespread market resonance.
The many awards at this event not only showed the brand value of Dong’er Ejiao, but also reflected the industry’s recognition of Dong’er Ejiao’s strength.In the future, Dong’er Ejiao will continue to promote the “two -wheel drive” growth model of medicines and health consumer goods, continue to consolidate the “Nourishing Health” series brand highlands of the Ejiao “Nourishing Health” series, and build East Ejiao into a digital health consumer goods company with drugs as the backgroundProvide consumers with better products and services, leading a new trend of health consumption.
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