When will Nantes realize that firing is not the solution

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Nantes have sacked two head coaches this season and have now re-hired a head coach who was sacked 10 months ago.

In November, it stated, “We have felt for some time that we are in a bad situation.” This statement sums up the trajectory of Cheap Nantes Child Home jersey together since the chairman took over the club in 2007. However, it was not a moment of profound self-reflection for the chairman; rather, it served as justification for Aristoi’s dismissal.

Nantes’ managers rarely finish their contracts and Aristoi was no exception. He immediately came under pressure after two defeats in a row at the start of the season, but he recovered and piloted Nantes to a place in the mid-table. They are currently 11th in Ligue 1 and safe from relegation. While it has not been an exceptional start to the season, it has to be considered satisfactory for a club that was on the brink of relegation just a few months ago.

Kita’s decision to sack Aristoi was impulsive and poorly judged. “We thought the club could be in danger. After last year, we wanted to act, not react,” explained the chairman, who acknowledged that his own actions had created an unstable environment with little potential for long-term success.

Since the 2016-17 season, 13 head coaches have Cheap Replica Nantes football shirt led on the Beaujolais pitch, with four taking the helm in the 2020-21 season only. Besides the glaring flaws in this approach – if it can be called a strategy at all – there are also doubts about the club’s choices. Although Sérgio Conceição did well in his short six-month tenure before moving to Cheap Replica Porto football shirt left, none of the managers really flourished at the club. However, they had too few resources and insufficient time to make full use of their abilities.

When will Nantes realize that firing is not the solution

If you don’t want us to storm the pitch, if nothing changes, that’s what will happen,’ the Loire brigade captain exclaimed after the match. While Nantes is gearing up for a complete overhaul, behind the scenes Kita is hastily devising a succession plan. Change is coming, but perhaps not the change the fans want. They demanded Theodore’s resignation, but instead he fired his manager and turned to Kombouaré – who fired him less than a year ago.

“He said he was looking for a new team, that he had a great time at Nantes and that he feels connected to the club,” Kita noted. However, a glaring oversight in this appointment is that Kita has now entrusted the survival of Nantes’ Ligue 1 to Compouvare, just 12 months after he sacked him for being unable to support Nantes.

Compouvare is a respected figure at the club, both as a player and a coach, having won the Coupe de France two seasons ago. Yet his appointment lacks inspiration and reflects the short-termism that has plagued the esteemed French club.

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