Richarlison: Therapy ‘saved my life’

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Tottenham striker Richarlison has expressed his deep gratitude for the therapy that saved his life, while welcoming the decision to include a psychologist on the Brazilian national team’s staff.

The Brazilian Football Federation recently unveiled its new technical team under coach Dorival Junior, with Marisa Lucia Santiago taking on the role of team psychologist.

Cheap Richarlison Football Shirts emphasized the importance of mental support for players, as they are under particular pressure both on and off the pitch. He shared his personal journey: “Only we understand the pressure we face, not only during games but also in our personal lives. I also faced big challenges off the pitch and having access to a psychologist was very helpful.

Richarlison acknowledged that there is often a stigma attached to seeking psychological help and recounted his own initial reservations. “I understand the stigma associated with seeking help – I’ve experienced it myself. But I can say with certainty that it has changed my life. As an international player, I urge others to prioritize their mental wellbeing. It really saved me when I was at the bottom.

In September, the 26-year-old revealed that he decided to seek professional support after a turbulent time “off the pitch” that affected his performance on it.

Richarlison: Therapy ‘saved my life’

Richarlison spoke openly about the challenges he faced due to a groin injury that eventually required surgery in November. “It was incredibly hard to endure months of physical discomfort, but I’m grateful for the successful operation. I have dedicated myself to rehabilitation and have returned earlier than expected. I feel fully recovered now,” he said.

Heading into his 50th international appearance for Brazil, which he will play in upcoming friendlies against England and Spain, Richarlison expressed his ambition to continue to grow and succeed. “I’m not content to stop here, I want more. My next milestone is 100 caps. I want to win major titles and make a positive contribution to the team’s success.

Cheap Richarlison soccer shirts for kids is aware of the influence he has as a role model, especially for young fans, and emphasized the importance of wearing the national team jersey and representing a prestigious English club. “I am very aware of the responsibility I have. I try to set a positive example, especially for the children who admire me. It’s a privilege to wear this jersey and represent both my country and my club,” he affirmed.

The striker from Cheap Tottenham Hotspur Football Shirts, Richarlison, thanked those who gave him the treatment and said it was life-saving and could make a big difference to him. He welcomed the decision to include a psychologist on the Brazilian national team staff. He is one of the beneficiaries. Mental health is very important today. Richarlison speaks openly about his experiences, but ultimately the reason for his successful transformation was treatment. While every player should take their chances, he is determined to achieve further success and set ambitious goals for his international career while making a positive impact on and off the pitch.

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