Horse noodle skirt, Song Jin jacket … "New Chinese" has become the new "traffic password"

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  On March 17, the national style enthusiasts in Hanfu punch -in in the theme district of Changan Twelve hours.

  Reporter Yang Xiaoling

  Back to the earth in spring, the weather is warmer.Many women who love beauty have replaced the “new Chinese” style of clothing and used it as a new spring dress to welcome the bright spring light.Song Jin’s outer jacket with jeans, knitted sweaters with horse noodle skirts, cheongsam with suits … On the street, in the shopping mall, and parks, the traditional Chinese elements and the current aesthetic “new Chinese -style” wearScenic line.

  “New Chinese” has become the new “traffic password”

  ”I started the first ‘new Chinese -new Chinese’ in my life. This small suit with traditional Chinese plate buckle is very charming and fashionable to wear.Chen Siyu, who went to work in a company in Xiaozhai West Road in the city, was praised by many friends after showing her new clothes in her circle of friends. Many people asked her brand and purchase way.

  In the Datang City of Xi’an, many young people wearing Chinese -style clothing with Chinese elements such as plate buckle, tie -dyeing, stand -up collar, and cloud pattern have attracted the attention of many tourists.Zhao Yuting, a “post -00” college student wearing a white cocktock shirt and a horse -noodle skirt, told reporters: “Recently, several girlfriends around me wearing ‘new Chinese’ clothing, I also followed a few of them. Each one is fashionable.And versatile. My horse noodle skirt is a improved version, with zipper and pants pockets, which is more convenient for daily travel. “

  Since the Spring Festival, topics such as “New Chinese Embroidery” and “Why young people like new Chinese -style” and other topics have been rushed to hot search.Open social software, you can see that the stars in the short video attended the “new Chinese style” when attending the event. Fashion bloggers are recommending “new Chinese”. Ordinary consumers have also purchased “new Chinese -style” clothing because of “grass” …… On a short video platform, the short video playback with the topic of “new Chinese -style wear” exceeds 10.6 billion times.Data from multiple e -commerce platforms show that “new Chinese” clothing has become one of the categories of rapid sales this year.

  What exactly is “new Chinese”?Li Tu, an associate researcher at the Institute of Sociology of Shaanxi Provincial Academy of Social Sciences: As the name suggests, “new Chinese” clothing is “new”, with innovation and new ideas; the second is “Chinese”, including the meaning of traditional, oriental, and national style.The “new Chinese” clothing stands out from modern popularity, which not only includes the fashion and trend elements of the new era, but also cleverly integrates the charm of traditional culture, becoming a mixed style, which is widely sought after and loved by people.

  The rise of “new Chinese -style” clothing has driven Hanfu enterprises to bloom everywhere.According to the company’s investigation data, as of February this year, my country currently has 5,853 Hanfu related companies.Among them, there were as many as 2,686 Hanfu companies registered in 2023, an increase of 355.25%year -on -year, a record high in the past 10 years.The highest concentration of enterprises is Shaanxi Province, with 1529 Hanfu related enterprises.

  The “White Paper in the Spring and Summer Trends of Vipshop in the 2024 Vipshop Club Industry” shows that “new Chinese” wear will become one of the important trends of spring and summer this year.The combination of traditional Chinese elements and modern fashion design will form a strong attraction for the younger generation with a unique national tide aesthetic perspective.Dip buckle jackets, horse noodle skirts, embroidered shirts, national wind suits, etc. are expected to usher in the outbreak of sales in spring and summer.


  On March 13, in the half -life cheongsam living hall, customers were choosing clothes.


  New Chinese clothing accessories (taken on March 13).

  This is the romance of the Chinese alone

  In the past few days, when visiting some shopping malls in Xi’an, the reporter saw that the spring clothes of various clothing counters have been fully new.Among these newly listed clothes, “new Chinese” costumes such as oriental elements such as oriental elements such as oriental elements are often displayed in the most conspicuous position.Some clothing brands have made efforts on the track of “new Chinese -style” clothing: “Ordos 1980” launched a special spring series, Chinese -style collar cutting with Chinese -style plate buckle; Adidas launched the “Chinese -style trendy influenza” through the “new Chinese -style” joint method.”The seasonal items … There is a constant stream of customers who come to try on and buy.

  On March 13, in a Chinese -style clothing counter in a shopping mall in Yanta District, Xi’an, Huang Yilin, who was trying clothes, told reporters: “The spring clothes I bought in previous years are mainly bright sweaters, trench coats and jeans.The exquisite and elegant ‘new Chinese’ clothing ‘planting grass’, I want to try another style of dressing. “

  In addition to the clothing counters of major shopping malls, some private custom clothing stores have also become cars.

  There are not only improved versions of cheongsam in the half -life cheongsam living hall near the night city of Datang, but also various short -sleeved, long skirts, vests, small suits and other “new Chinese” clothing …It is telling the gentleness and style of oriental women.

  ”From the beginning of its establishment, what we focused on was ‘new Chinese’ clothing. Dip buckles, oblique plackets, standing collars, streaming, stitching … I think, clothing that combines traditional cultural elements with the current aesthetic trend can be returned.The class is “New Chinese ‘Clothing.” Wang Bingxiao, a semi -living brand in the industry for more than 20 years, has its own understanding of “New Chinese”. “We will apply the eaves of the Tang Dynasty to the shoulders of the clothesThe ministry will also polish Lantian jade into a button on clothes. This can not only reflect the essence of traditional Chinese culture, but also have a sense of modern fashion, which can perfectly adapt to various scenes in life. “

  ”Many of our” new Chinese ‘clothing uses non -heritage fabrics such as Song Jin, Hang Luo, and Su Jin. According to different fabrics and colors, we will support our own understanding of traditional culture in design and production as each piece for each piece.Clothing gives unique Chinese temperament. “Wang Bingxiao said that he hopes that customers can better understand traditional culture and become the spokesperson for traditional culture through the carrier of the traditional culture of” new Chinese “clothing.

  Many women will have “figure anxiety”. Wang Bingxiao feels that it is not necessary: “‘New Chinese’ characteristics are that clothes are more tolerant and the requirements for figures will not be so high. And we will make clothes for each customer.People are different, and they are avoided, so that each piece of clothes are born for one person and only lined with the beauty of one person. Through the private customization of online and offline, we have accumulated over 100,000 clothing for customers in more than 30 countries and regions. “

  Recently, the “new Chinese style” has become very popular, and many young people with “half -life” are young people.In Wang Bingxiao’s view, this is an opportunity and a challenge: “This has put forward higher requirements for our clothing design and production, urging us to continue to innovate, excellence, and improve brand recognition, thereby increasing customer stickiness and repurchaseRate.”


  On March 20, the two tourists wearing horse -faced skirts visited the Wall of Xi’an.This version of the photo was taken by this reporter Wen Chao

  Inquiry behind the “new Chinese” popularity

  For the sudden popularity of the “new Chinese -style” clothing, the Li Turador believes that the “new Chinese -style” collection of simple design styles integrating tradition and modernity, deeply grasping the preferences of young people.Traditional Chinese clothing shows a wealthy and gorgeous style. Its cultural thickness makes it always have a fixed consumer group. It is the exclusive hobby of the father -in -law. Many young people will feel that they can’t control it.The “new Chinese -style” clothing is simple and simple, and the overall simplicity is clear. It retains the low -key and elegance of traditional Chinese clothing, pushing the simple and beautiful life pursuit to a new height, and has become a new choice for many young people.

  ”‘New Chinese’ clothing on the basic color tone of traditional Chinese traditional five colors (red, yellow, green, black, and white), supplemented by bright colors such as red, yellow, green, and blue as a local embellishment., Not only adding the elegant charm of the Chinese aesthetics, but also reflecting the pure and free life pursuit of modern people, so it has set off a new boom in consumption. “Li Tuchi said that” new Chinese style “brings people not only a new kind ofExperience is a kind of feeling.After the vicissitudes of Chinese aesthetics, it is full of temperature and thickness of Oriental aesthetics.The “new Chinese” combines Chinese elements with modern fashion concepts, which has inspired people’s emotional resonance.

  In the opinion of the Li Tuja, the popularity of “new Chinese -style” clothing is not accidental. Behind it is the increasing cultural self -confidence in people.Refine and condense the essence of traditional culture.Based on tradition, it creates a new style with the aesthetics of modern people, allowing people to feel the inheritance and development of Chinese culture in the process of changes in the times and trend changes.As a unique inheritance and promotion of traditional culture, the “new Chinese” circle will definitely bring people more inspiration and thinking about traditional cultural heritage and innovation.

Source: Shaanxi Daily

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