15 illegal behaviors such as illegal addition of food illegal addition and over -line inspection of food in Beijing

According to CCTV News, the reporter learned from the Beijing Market Supervision Bureau today (21st) that in order to maintain a good capital market order, the Beijing market supervision department has increased law enforcement for key areas of the people’s vital interests and continues to carry out in -depth people’s livelihood in 2024 people’s livelihood.”Iron Fist” operations were investigated in the field.

In 2024, the “Iron Fist” operation is based on the theme of “keeping safety” and “anti -fraud”.Fate 15 categories of illegal acts such as illegal addition of food, over -inspection of elevators, unfair format clauses, price fraud, prepaid card violations, etc. according to law.Rectifying the masses reflecting strong urgency and anxiety, and guarding the safety of the lives and property of the masses.

The “Iron Fist” action highlights the theme of “security”,Strictly crack down on illegal behaviors, food safety, drug safety, special equipment, and inspection and testing fields involving consumer personal property safety.Occascular operations such as the secondary charging, impersonating qualified products with unqualified products, and other illegal modification behaviors of electric bicycles (including batteries) are strictly investigated and dealt with in accordance with the law;Strictly crack down on illegal acts that illegally add drugs and their derivatives.

“Iron Fist” action highlights the theme of “anti -fraud”,Strictly investigate and deal with various cases of violations of the legal rights and interests of consumers online and offline, including the measurement of cheating in the tanker, the use of unfair format clauses to infringe consumer rights, price fraud, false publicity, release of false violations advertisements, business operators issued prepaid cards without payment cards are not unpaidIn the prescribed depository funds and key platform enterprises to infringe consumer rights and interests.

While conscientiously organizing investigating and investigating cases in relevant areas this year, Beijing will determine the focus of investigation and handling the cases in accordance with the actual situation of industrial distribution, consumer environment, and mass demands in the jurisdiction.Adhere to the unification of conventional arrangements and special tasks, and actively give full play to the advantages of comprehensive coordination, traction pull, and efficient coordination of the “iron fist” mechanism, and incorporate relevant major special law enforcement tasks into the “Iron Fist” action.If there may be industrial problems, regional issues, and hidden dangers of risk risks in investigating cases, the supervision business department shall be reported to work together.If the difficulty of law enforcement and the repeated commitment, and endless violations of the law, the relevant units will establish a standard governance mechanism, continuously improve the relevant system, and achieve cases to promote treatment.Continuously improve the institutional mechanisms, clue transfer, joint law enforcement, and execution of commissioning, clue transfer, joint law enforcement, and execution of industrial supervision departments such as intellectual property rights, public security, and drug supervision.Increase the concentrated exposure of typical cases, and maintain the good market order and safe and safe consumer environment in the capital.(General Taiwan CCTV reporter Wang Jing)

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