Li Xiaomin: The control of the ecological environment partition is not easy to control, and it is especially important to implement the second half of the implementation.

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On March 17, the General Office of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and the General Office of the State Council issued the “Opinions on Strengthening the Management of Ecological Environmental District” (hereinafter referred to as “Opinions”).The release of the “Opinions” has established an environmental management system for differentiated and accurate management and control. It aims to improve the efficiency and effect of ecological environmental protection through scientific management and systematic governance, and promote the modernization of the ecological environmental governance system and governance capacity.

In order to conduct an authoritative interpretation of the content of the “Opinions” and understand the implementation of the concept of “control and control of ecological environment partitions”, the Beijing News Zero Carbon Research Institute recently interviewed Li Xiaomin, a senior engineer of the Chinese Institute of Environmental Sciences.


Partition control and the national major development strategic layout highly match

Beijing News Zero Carbon Research Institute: What is the significance of the promulgation of “Opinions” to the current China’s ecological environmental protection?How can it be combined with the major national development strategy and promote the sustainable regional development?

Li Xiaomin: my country’s economic and social development has entered a stage of high -quality development of accelerated green and low -carbonization, but the structure, root cause, and trend pressure of ecological environmental protection have not been fundamentally alleviated. Improve the management and control scheme of the ecological environment, and establish a partition -class classification control strategy from problems to solutions.It is of great significance for focusing on focusing on highlighting ecological environment issues, helping to develop high -quality development of the economy and society, serving beautiful Chinese construction goals, improving the level of modernization of ecological environment governance, and promoting the construction of the ecological civilization system.

The control of the ecological environment partition has always been highly matched with the national major development strategic layout, and coordinated the promotion of high -level ecological environment protection and high -quality economic development.The Yangtze River Delta, Beijing -Tianjin -Hebei, Guangdong -Hong Kong -Macao Greater Bay Area and other strategic areas have high control accuracy and average unit area of 10-50 square kilometers, which reflects the adaptation and differentiated management and control of local conditions.EssenceThrough the management and control of ecological environment partitions, strengthen overall protection and systematic governance, support optimizing major productivity layout, serve the construction of major national infrastructure, and ensure the implementation of major national strategies, especially in the application of industrial, energy and transportation structure adjustment, establishThe ecological environmental management and control mechanism of land and regional integration is the rational layout of the green low -carbon transformation and upgrading of the traditional manufacturing industry and the reasonable layout of strategic emerging industries.The Yangtze River Economic Belt focuses on implementing the development strategy of the Yangtze River Economic Belt, promotes the entire river basin of the Yangtze River in accordance with the unit refined partition control, strengthen the prevention and control of water pollution and environmental risks along the river, and prevent heavy pollution enterprises and projects transfer to the middle and upper reaches of the Yangtze River.The Yellow River Basin has implemented the ecological protection and high -quality development strategies of the Yellow River Basin, implemented differentiated partition control between upstream and downstream areas, optimized the layout of energy and chemical industry and new energy industry in the Yellow River, and promoted the development of green and low -carbon circulation in middle and lower reaches.

“Opinions” provides new policy tools for ecological environment management

Beijing News Zero Carbon Research Institute: What is the “ecological environment partition control” mentioned in the policy different from traditional environmental management?

Li Xiaomin: Ecological environmental partition management and control is the environmental management system that is aimed at ensuring ecological functions and improving environmental quality, and implemented differentiated and accurate management systems.Through the system’s implementation of ecological protection red lines, environmental quality bottom lines, and resource utilization such as online environmental management requirements, a set of ecological environment partition management and control schemes with all -regional coverage, cross -sector collaboration, and multi -elemental comprehensive comprehensive comprehensive ecological environment are innovative and controlled.Management provides new policy tools.

Compared with traditional environmental management, the ecological environment partition controls and innovative ecological environment protection can participate in macroeconomic decision -making channels and means to strengthen the prevention effect of the source of the ecological environment.Overall, there are three characteristics:

The first is the digitalization of space.Implement the requirements of ecological environment control on specific control units, highlight the role of spatial control, and make up for the past ecological environment control and control of pollution sources and discharge ports, and lack the lack of space concepts.More than 40,000 ecological environmental control units have been defined nationwide. The spatial vectorization characteristics of achievement data will help combine with modern information technology, improve management efficiency, and better serve the government, enterprises, and public.

The second is constraint guidance.The ecological environment partition is controlled based on the characteristics of the resource and environment endowment characteristics and the constraints of ecological environment, facing the strategic positioning of regional development, and implementing the requirements of ecological protection red lines, environmental quality bottom lines, and resource utilization requirements.Thinking, it also has strategic forward -looking, guide key industries to regional scientific layout and orderly transfer to regional scientific layout and orderly transfer to key industries to regional scientific layout and orderly transfer.

The third is system integration.The ecological environment partition controls the coordination of resources, the environment, and socio -economic development, and the comprehensive ecological environment, the surface water environment, the atmospheric environment, the soil environment, the marine environment, the water resources, the energy sources, the coastline resources, Natural Resources, Industrial Information, Water Conservancy, Agricultural and Rural and other departments related environmental elements management requirements, forming an organic and unified ecological environment access list, providing a convenient and reliable management tool and reference manual for government departments, enterprises, and the publicEssence

Scientific and technological innovation runs through the entire process of management and control construction of ecological environment

Beijing News Zero Carbon Research Institute: What role of scientific and technological innovation in the management and control of ecological environment?What are the research results or projects undergoing in this area?

Li Xiaomin: Looking back at the process of controlling the control of the ecological environment partition, it can be said that scientific and technological innovation runs through the entire process of management and control of the ecological environment partition.At the pilot stage, based on environmental evaluation, planning, system analysis and other multidisciplinary integration and innovation, continuously explore in practice, clean up technical barriers, and provide technical support for the implementation of national promotion.System optimization technology, resource and environmental carrying capacity matching technology, key technologies for multi -element comprehensive ecological environment partition, and multi -target coordinated ecological environment admission list preparation and application technology, innovation and establishment of complete technologies for differentiated and controlling ecological environment spaceThe system establishes a solid foundation for the system; during the implementation of the application stage, it provides more convenient and efficient favorable conditions for the implementation of the application and application of the system through the construction of digital platform construction with artificial intelligence, big data and other technologies.

The China Institute of Environmental Sciences is committed to the research and practice of controlling control of ecological environmental partitions, and has mainly carried out various research on policy design, systematic collaboration, and implementation applications.In terms of policy design, based on the practical foundation of the long -term strategic environmental impact assessment work, the whole process participated in the top -level design and technical incubation of partition control control, and instructed the delineation of partitions and control in all parts of the country;Institutional collaboration of evaluation, pollution license, law enforcement supervision, environmental protection inspector, etc., partition control and environmental synergy of environmental elements such as ecology, water, atmosphere, soil, groundwater, and technical synergy of partition control and carbon reduction;, “From the bottom up” summarizes the application paths and modes of local fields in many fields such as policy formulation, environmental access, park management, law enforcement supervision, etc., and study the application system “top -down”Institutional effect.Based on research, a number of scientific and technological policy suggestions have been proposed to contribute wisdom to the system.At present, the Academy of Circle Institute of Technology is closely focusing on the three major aspects, absorbing outstanding talents at home and abroad, giving full play to the advantages of multi -disciplinary integration, continuing to carry out basic research and policy management research, and exploring the central and long -term construction and management strategies of zoning control.

The system is hard to come, it is especially important to implement the second half of the implementation

Beijing News Zero Carbon Research Institute: For the control of the ecological environment partition, what other suggestions do you have?

Li Xiaomin: The Ministry of Ecology and Environment has planned the control of the ecological environment partition management, and after 8 years, it has achieved a leap from local practice to the central system.It is not easy to achieve results, and it is particularly important to do the second half of the implementation of the application.There are noble politics, governance must be frequent, and scientific management policies must adhere to a blueprint to the end.

Combining the work focus of the Chinese Institute of Environmental Sciences, from the application of controlling the control of ecological environment partitions, four suggestions are made:

The first is to explore the system linkage of the source of the ecological environment to prevent the system of preventing the system, and form a high -level service joint force.Combined with the new ideas of the “Fourteenth Five -Year Plan” environmental assessment system, and from the aspects of work content, work procedures, establish and improve the connection mechanism of controlling control of ecological environment partitions and planning environmental assessment and project environmental assessment, and explore the optimization and simplification of environmental impact assessment and simplification of environmental impact assessment in the linkage management modelThe plan promotes the formation of an efficient source prevention system with Chinese characteristics, and truly realizes “control” and “let go”.

The third is to strengthen the linkage between departments and establish a working mechanism for joint control and control of multiple departments.Based on the practice experience of various places, through standardized application process process, clearly implementing the main responsibility of the application, and building specific application scenarios, embedding the management and control results of ecological environment partitions into local strategies, policies, planning and implementation, project implementation and other procedures, and ecological environmental protection related work related work, as well as ecological environmental protection related work.EssenceGradually explore the formation of a work mechanism that connects or cooperates with related systems or cooperates with related systems to ensure that the management and control results of the ecological environment partition are “smooth and good.”

The third is to improve the technical method and optimize the technical system from problems to solutions.As a new system, the ecological environment zoning control requires perfect feedback while practicing. It is necessary to strengthen the technical paths of the formulation and control strategies of partition and control strategies from problems to solutions to realize the control of regional and watershed ecological and environmental problems.Technical conduction.随着国家生态环境保护要求不断提升,需要进一步探索新的技术,服务新的环境管理需求,如探索生态环境分区减污降碳协同管控技术,海陆统筹的管控技术,水资源、水环境、水Ecological “Sanshui” collaborative control technology, etc., forms a working model with application demand guidance and technical support guarantee.

The fourth is to increase digital empowerment and improve the service efficiency of the informatization platform.In the high -speed development period of new generation of information technology such as artificial intelligence, big data, blockchain, etc., make full use of digital empowerment to increase big data mining of environmental base maps; actively build a more intelligent ecological environment partition control data platform, Strengthen sharing and sharing; integrate data from various national environmental management and socio -economic development data, continuously strengthen the capacity of comprehensive analysis of data, actively explore the application field, improve the accuracy of admission research and judgment, serve the convenience of admission and approval of environmental assessment, improve service efficiency, “make more data more data,” make more data more data, “make more data more data.Run the road and let the masses walk less. “

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