In the era of the era of wisdom, science popularization must strengthen the scientific spirit and value leadership

Original title: In the era of wisdom, science popularization must strengthen the scientific spirit and value leadership
In recent years, artificial intelligence technology represented by ChatGPT, Sora, etc. has made rapid progress, bringing convenience and beauty to people, but also profoundly changing our working, lifestyle, and social culture.In the era of digitalization and intelligence, the science popularization work and the scientific quality of citizens also face new changes and challenges.
Studies have shown that artificial intelligence is more difficult to identify than false information generated by humans.The information generated by artificial intelligence and the false information of deeply falsifying synthesis becomes more difficult to distinguish than before. The public obtains real information, distinguish between real and fictional information, and requires more comprehensive identification and judgment, especially with rationality.Analyze the underlying thinking of ability and scientific values.
This means that to a certain extent, the requirements for scientific quality have surpassed the science and technology itself, and put forward new connotation requirements for the level of scientific thinking and value judgment, which gives the scientific quality, read and write ability, and mathematical ability.Essence
For this reason, on the one hand, we must actively embrace the changes and challenges brought by the new generation of artificial intelligence, and explore the popular science innovation model with the deep integration of artificial intelligence, from the source, in -depth intervention, intervention of scientific and technological rumors and false information.The foresight, leadership and pertinence can effectively solve the passive situation of “making a rumor with a mouth, rumoring and running a leg” in recent years; on the other hand, it is necessary to further expand the social function of scientific quality.
The “Outline of the National Science Quality Action Planning (2021-2025)” proposed the concept of citizenship scientific quality in the new era, and adjusted the order of “advocating scientific spirit, establishing scientific ideas, mastering basic scientific methods, and understanding the necessary scientific and technological knowledge”.The spiritual front, further emphasize the importance of advocating the leadership of the scientific spirit and value.
In the new stage of the development of scientific quality from “knowledge supplementary lessons” to “value leadership” in my country. Correspondingly, citizens should not only have the ability to analyze and judge things and solve practical problems, but also solve problems solving problems. The value judgment of “right right”.
Therefore, in the science popularization work and scientific quality evaluation, it is necessary to further promote the integration from the level of humanities to the level of social sciences and Chinese excellent traditional culture.Reason and value background.
In short, strengthening the social function of scientific quality is a bridge of scientific and cultural, promoting the healthy interaction and collaborative development of citizens, science and technology and society, and actively injecting the basic conditions of new quality productivity in injection talents and providing talent support.While enjoying the technical rights brought by artificial intelligence, we avoid the new polarization and the important guarantee of “digital gap” with higher technical thresholds.
(Ren Lei, the author is an associate researcher at the Institute of Chinese Popular Sciences)
Source: CPPCC Newspaper

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