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After dinner, He Jiefeng in Huangjiabu Village, Huangjiabu Town went to three or five friends to come to the home of love entrepreneur Fan Zhijie’s home to play table tennis.They simply warm up on the ping -pong stadium on the second floor, and a fierce table tennis game kicked off.In the rhythm of ping -pong, the villagers gained harmony and health in the rain again and again.

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Villagers play in the table tennis venue of caring entrepreneurs.Reporter Zhao Xiaochen Photo

“The sport of table tennis can not only work out, but also promote the feelings of the villagers. In particular, everyone likes it. I arranged two table tennis rooms in my own home.” Love entrepreneur Fan Zhijie said that in the past, villagers leisure in the evening in the evening.Entertainment activities are nothing more than chatting and watching TV. Occasionally, they gather together to play cards and rub mahjong. Over time, it is very unfavorable to everyone’s health.Therefore, since 2023, 15 caring entrepreneurs in the village have arranged functional areas such as table tennis, referee tables, leisure areas and other functional areas as table tennis activity venues with the encouragement and support of the village committee.Let the villagers enjoy the fun of table tennis at their doorstep.Fan Zhijie said: “Originally, the house was always idle, and now it can be used, and everyone can also enhance neighborhood feelings through the skills of the ball. It can be said that it is done.”

Xiao Tu, who loves to play table tennis in free time, took a table tennis with a friend who came to the village committee with a free time with his friends in his spare time.The trend of ping pong is flourishing, while the village committee and caring entrepreneurs have provided many venues for the villagers, so that everyone can sweat indoors in the cold and summer. “With the joint efforts of the village committee and love entrepreneurs, it will be open to the villagers for free.The table tennis venues are gradually becoming more and the facilities are getting better and better.

At the same time, there are also spontaneous table tennis matches organized by the villagers. Every night’s discussion match and monthly, each quarter, group stage, friendship matches and other table tennis games are endless.Some villagers succeeded in gymnasis to lose weight and lose weight, and their bodies are more tough; there are also some villagers who have been addicted to playing poker and mahjong in the past, and they are also driven by people around them to play table tennis.Through table tennis, many villagers have found new fun in their spare time. While strengthening their body and fitness, they have developed a positive mentality.

According to reports, since 2008, Huangjiabu Village has worked hard in the cultivation of cultural benefits to the people and the strong sports people. Not only did the two table tennis tables be set in the event room, but also the villagers formed a table tennis team. Since then, the activity room, the activity roomThere can be ping -pong sounds almost every day.Wang Tianfeng, secretary of the village party branch, said: “Table tennis is deeply rooted in the hearts of people, and the small ball has turned out to be human. The neighborhood relationship is harmonious and stable, and the appearance of the village and village has also improved significantly.The development of the heart and conspiracy is to make a big place. “

Over the years, the table tennis team in Huangjiabu Village has grown from more than ten to more than 30 people, and more and more villagers love table tennis.In order to allow more villagers to enjoy the fun of table tennis, Huangjiabu Village has repeatedly cooperated with the Huangjiabu Town Branch of the Municipal Table Tennis Association to conduct competitions, to learn about the ball skills, and with the help of the superior table tennis association, he invited professional ones to come to a professional ones.Table tennis coaches and outstanding players came to the village to carry out face -to -face training and exchanges with the villagers.Wang Tianfeng said: “Sports helps rural rejuvenation, and sports are on a better life. We will continue to promote the development of table tennis in the village and promote the formation of a positive, healthy, and civilized life.”

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