Behind the "national tide", cultural self -confidence is increasing day by day (International Tao)

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On March 1st, Fujiabian Science and Technology Park, Honglan Street, Honglan Street, Nanjing City, Jiangsu Province, was righteous in the Shili Linghua Linghua of the Shili Ridge in the Fujiabian Science and Technology Park.Zhu Hongsheng Photo (People’s Picture)

  Spring flowers bloom, and the “Spring Festival Hesper” horse -noodle skirt is not hot, and it appears frequently.Today, the new Chinese -style clothing including horse noodle skirts not only appeared frequently in the scenic area, but also gradually became daily wear.In fact, “tide products” with Chinese elements and traditional characteristics are increasingly recognized by the market.Why are people keen on the new Chinese style?What is the “national tide”?Who is promoting the “national tide”?What does the rise of “national tide” mean?Foreign media have focused on the “national tide” to explore the significance of this trend.

  ”New Chinese” is popular

  ”Horse face skirt, also known as horsepower fold skirt, is a type of Hanfu and a typical style of Han women’s dress during the Ming and Qing Dynasties of China.The wind, which is popular with Chinese traditional style and modern design sense. “This is the Singapore’s” Lianhe Zaobao “website in early March entitled” Horse Noodle Skirt to make Cao County the center of the universe?”The article introduces the horse noodle skirt.According to the data cited by the article, in 2023, Cao County’s annual sales of Hanfu exceeded 7 billion yuan, and this year’s Dragon -year -old -fashioned annual service sales of horse -noodle skirts reached 300 million yuan.At the beginning of this year, the level of Hanfu crafts in Caoxian and the net red effect of horse -faced skirts made this small city of Shandong come out again.

  The Russian satellite news agency also reported that it also focused on the “new Chinese style” style: the “new Chinese” style set off a wave in China. It cleverly blending traditional Chinese elements with modern fashion, showing unique charm and attractiveness.This style has been modernized on the basis of Chinese aesthetics, paying more attention to simplicity and dailyization.This trait is the key to attracting more and more young people.

  The British “Financial Times” website reports that Chinese social media platforms are currently popular “new Chinese” and other words.The Ming Dynasty chairs and woodcarving tableware often were redesigned, and they appeared in fashionable restaurants and fashion magazines with fashionable new forms in fashionable new forms.

  The United States Cable Television News reported that Suzhou’s about one week of free Chinese costumes during the Spring Festival.The report pointed out that in recent years, wearing traditional clothing tourist attractions has become a trend of the Chinese people’s festive atmosphere, especially among young people.Many people show their own photos on social media.

  The “2024 Douyin E -commerce Women’s Consumption Trends Data Report” released in March this year shows that in the past year, the number of orders for women consumers on the platform increased by 195%year -on -year, of which the order volume of Malaysian skirts increased by 841%year -on -yearHanfu’s order volume increased by 336%year -on -year.

  ”The current Hanfu fever is set off by a group of young people with fashion consciousness.” The American “VOGUE” magazine commented on the popularity of Hanfu. “After chasing the Western trend for several years, a traditionalist awareness has brought the eyes of the younger generation of China to the eyes of the Chinese generation.Local. “According to the material app data, in 2023, the” tide product “consumption of Chinese goods in 2023, post -95s and post -00s are becoming the main consumption force, accounting for 82.6%of the” tide products “consumption of domestic goods, of which nearly 60%of the post -00 consumption accounts for nearly 60%.

  In 2019, the United States Cable Television News Network reported the return of traditional Chinese costumes.In recent years, the Chinese Hanfu market has developed rapidly.Since 2015, the Chinese Hanfu market has formed a scale of over 100 million yuan.Ai Media Consultation of third -party data mining and analysis agencies in the global new economy industry “2022-2023 Research Research Research Report on the Status Status and Consumption Behavior of the Chinese Hanfu Industry” shows that in 2021, the market size of Chinese Hanfu reached 10.19 billion yuan.In 2025, the size of the Chinese Hanfu market is expected to reach 19.11 billion yuan.In the future, there is still a large room for the Hanfu market.

  The answer lies in “national tide”

  ”Why are people keen on the new Chinese style? The answer lies in ‘national tide’.” An article analyzed this article in the United States “Time” Weekly website.”Young people are becoming more and more confident in Chinese culture.” Agence France -Presse reported.

  The Russian satellite news agency reported that the popularity of “new Chinese” originated from some accidental events, as well as the amplification effect of new media.However, the emergence of this trend is the result of long -term development, and now it is an explosive node.This shows that Chinese culture is becoming more and more confident, and absorption and innovation are the manifestations of cultural self -confidence.

  The US “Wall Street Journal” website reports that in China, more and more people buy local products, partly due to the trend of “national tide”, that is, integrate Chinese cultural elements in product design.Since Li Ning released a series of clothing based on China’s representative red and gold -based series on the 2018 New York Fashion Show, the national tide style has become more and more strenuous.

  What is “Guo Chao”?The “National Tide Research Report” released by the Tsinghua University Cultural and Creative Development Research Institute pointed out that the national tide is the addition of “national” and “tide”.The direction of “country” is very clear, that is, China, which means the revival of Chinese culture, and incorporates the excellent traditional culture of various Chinese ethnic groups into the field of vision.The interpretation of “tide” is very different, basically in the watershed in 2018.Prior to the first year of the national tide, most of the national tide refers to the specific brands in the narrow sense, the trend brand founded by Chinese local designers. It is a niche cultural representative with distinctive characteristics.Today, the national tide refers to a certain consumption concept in the broad sense, that is, the popularity of domestic goods and the popularity of Chinese characteristics.

  Latin America reported that in China at the moment, “National Tide” is setting off a strong driving force and attractiveness. This is a movement that promotes the revival of traditional national culture and integrates cultural elements into daily items.Around 2020, as the Chinese nation’s pride was greatly strengthened, the “national tide” ushered in flying, especially among people born from 1980 to 2010.For many people, “national tide” is a way to reshape Chinese identity by emphasizing culture.Chinese young people strongly support the “national tide”, and they have seen China’s potential in economy, diplomacy and other fields.

  The influence of “national tide” is not limited to the field of clothing.

  The US “Wall Street Journal” website reports that global consumer brands have recently had a new concern: Chinese buyers are turning to local brands.Many Chinese brands are very popular on online shopping platforms and store shelves. These brands have improved in terms of quality, design and sales skills, and cleverly cater to changing consumer taste.Moreover, with the prevalence of live shopping, these local brands have quickly adjusted and follow -up.They will tailor -made products for local consumers, including eye shadow plates, ginseng toothpaste and new sneakers suitable for Chinese skin color.

  The U.S. Forbes Double Weekly website has noticed that the Chinese niche fragrance brand has begun to emerge.A report from the French Posseo Consulting Company stated that Chinese perfume brands are actively targeting young consumers in the country with their increasingly rising cultural self -confidence waves.The local incense register uses the “national tide” trend to play the advantage of local narrative.

  The US “Time” Weekly website reported the development of a fast -food chain store with “China is brewing a fast food revolution”.The burger sold by this store has added traditional Chinese dishes, and consumers are glad to accept it.The rapid development of this store has benefited from the current “national tide” trend of China.The report pointed out that with the rapid development of China’s economy, it has spawned the world’s largest middle -class group, and China has been advocating cultural self -confidence in recent years.The term “national tide” reflects the increasing cultural pride of Chinese consumers.

  New consumption growth point

  Brazil’s “Forum” magazine website reported that the fashion trend of Hanfu style has attracted widespread attention in China and brought new business opportunities across the country, including traditional Chinese makeup, photography and clothing rental.Statistics show that there are nearly 6,000 Hanfu related companies in China.In 2023, there were 2,686 new Hanfu companies, an increase of 355.25%year -on -year.”Hanfu Hot” has also spread to Italy and other places.During the recent Venice Carnival, traditional Chinese costumes became one of the highlights.

  This year’s “Government Work Report” proposes to actively cultivate new consumption growth points such as smart homes, entertainment tourism, sports events, and domestic “tide products”.Figariwen, a well -known global consulting agency, pointed out that the “tide product” of domestic goods was mentioned in the “Government Work Report”, which undoubtedly highlighted the important position of “national tide” in recent years.representative.

  ”High -quality domestic goods carried national spirit and excellent traditional culture, while ‘tide products’ represents the trend of fashion consumption and quality consumption. The cross -border collision of domestic goods and ‘tide products’ has stimulated the life and consumption of residentsNew hotspots. “Wang Wentao, Minister of Commerce of China, said that the Ministry of Commerce will continue to pay attention to the” tide product “consumption of domestic goods, and will run the” old -fashioned carnival “and” old -fashioned digital museum “.The “tide product” consumption culture and business foundation of domestic goods.

  Articles of the US “Times” weekend pointed out that Chinese decision -making institutions have noticed the cultural pride reflected by the “national tide”, and promoted to encourage more brand support policies and incentive measures.

  The strong cultivation and support of related industries and industry organizations in various regions and industry organizations effectively help promote “national tide” consumption.In 2022, 5 departments including the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the Ministry of Commerce and other 5 departments jointly issued the “Digital Action Plan for the” Three Products “Action Plan (2022-2025)”, which clearly proposed the excavation of traditional cultural genes such as Chinese culture, Chinese memory, and Chinese old names and non -non -non -non -non -non -non -non -non -non -non -non -non -non -non -non -non -non -non -non -non -non -non -non -non -non -non -non -non -non -non -non -non -non -non -non -non -non -non -non -samples of non -non -non -non -non -non -non -non -non -non -non -non -non -non -non -non -non -non -non -non -non -non -non -non -non -non -non -non -non -non -non -non -non -non -non -non -non -non -non -sample tradition.Material and cultural heritage, promote the construction of the “national tide” brand; in 2024, the Ministry of Commerce launched the “Old name Carnival” activity to encourage the promotion of “tide products” of domestic goods to go to sea; the China Textile Industry Federation proposed to highlight the textile fashion upgrade operation led by culture and support domestic productionThe clothing brand is stronger and better.

  For the future of “national tide”, all parties are full of confidence.The Russian satellite club website reports quoting industry insiders that the popularity of “new Chinese” style is inevitable and has better and farther development prospects.With the continuous expansion of Chinese cultural influence, the “new Chinese style” style is expected to go international.At present, the number of related fabric orders in the Southeast Asian market has increased, and China’s popular elements and weaving technology are gradually “going out.”The Latin American news agency quoted the observer as saying that the “national tide” will continue because it represents the true and profound changes in Chinese consumers.They realize the importance of Chinese culture, identity and market in the business world and increasingly strong influence.(Reporter Zhang Hong)

  ”People’s Daily Overseas Edition” (10th edition, March 25, 2024)

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