Leixiang De Run: Haiyang City Full Environment Lidu Plan was introduced

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  Volkswagen reporter Mei Xueli Correspondent Bai Dan Yantai reported

  In order to implement the fundamental task of establishing the whole environment, Haiyang City has established the “moisturizing course of moral education courses”, with “subject curriculum moisturizing”, “traditional culture moisturizing” and “practical activity moisturizing” as the main body.Tongde Run “The principles of coordinating planning, layered implementation, effective connection, and overall advancement of the whole environment of virtue people, so that moral education and intellectual education, sports, aesthetic education, and labor education are organically integrated to enrich moral educational carriers, broaden moral education moral educationChannels, improve the effectiveness of morality, comprehensively promote the standardized implementation and characteristic development of the educational work of the Haiyang’s full environment, and cultivate a sunny and positive sunny young man.

  Build the “Runde” moral education course system

  Based on the development and development of Haiyang education, the characteristics of school characteristics, and the development of students’ personality, in -depth excavation of the three major resources of Haiyang’s unique mines, Yasha, and aerospace, and establishing “landmine war culture”, “Yasha culture”, “aerospace spirit””The three major moral education courses systems of the carrier, with” Runde “as the core, guide students to improve their spiritual cultivation in practical understanding, and strive for a good young man who dares to take responsibility, dare to win, and be willing to dedicate.

  (1) Local mine war culture

  With the red culture gene of land mines as the main line, from “listening to the story of the mines”, “the figures close to the mines”, “promoting the red culture of the mines”, “inheriting the red genetic red gene” four dimensions architecture architectural land mine war coursesCourse settings, guide students to feel the dare to take responsibility, dare to fight, dare to be the first, and dare to win the red gene in listening to, speaking, doing, and enlightenment., To build a sense of mission.

  (2) Yasha culture

  Increase the inheritance of Yasha culture into the “Runde” curriculum system, build a series of themes such as the “Asia Society in the Hometown”, “A touch of red in the Asa”, “surpassing” and “maintaining the river Qingdao”The main line of Yasha’s curriculum system, during the implementation of the course implementation, guides students to practice Yasha culture in daily life and learning.Newcomers who dare to fight and surpass.

  (3) Space Spirit

  Relying on Haiyang’s unique aerospace resources to guide students to experience the vigorous development of my country’s aerospace industry, and inspire students to be proud of the motherland and pride for the motherland.The theme activities such as “Face -to -face” and “Traveling in Space” and “Traveling in Space” are carried out through the Writing of Aerospace Knowledge Reading, Aerospace Curriculum R & D, Aviation model production, and relying on Haiyang Oriental Space Port.The aerospace spirit that can be detained and dedicated, and in the practice experience, we will deepen the understanding of the spirit of aerospace, continuously plant the spirit of aerospace, consciously promote and practice the spirit of aerospace, continuously break through themselves, surpass themselves, bear the mission of the new era, courageDrive the mission of the country.

  Build a “moisturizing” discipline moral education system

  Fully tap the internal moral education value contained in each discipline, strengthen the consistency of the core literacy of the subject and moral education, highlight the special education function of the subject, promote the characteristics of ideal education, collective education, and literacy education.A new era of learning, good cooperation, and inquiry.

  (4) Carry out ideal education

  Use the theme classes, the young pioneer team, and the group lesson to carry out ideal education, to fully tap the rich ideological connotation in the disciplines of Chinese, history, science, etc., guide students to establish positive and big ideals, enhance the sense of mission and responsibility for the revitalization of the nation.Essence

  (5) Pay attention to collective education

  Actively promote team cooperation in discipline teaching, and cultivate students’ team consciousness, collective consciousness, cooperation consciousness, guidance through activities such as “a question of the same research”, “doing an experiment”, “Exploring the Land”, “Singing a Song of the same place”, and “singing a song”.Students correctly understand the relationship between themselves, collective and individuals, continuously improve collective understanding, enhance collective feelings, strengthen collective participation, grow talents in collective activities, cultivate their temperament, improve personality, and form quality.

  (6) Strengthening literacy education

  Accurately grasp the basic requirements of teaching and educating people, integrate the goal of Lideshu people into various discipline teaching, highlight the core literacy of the discipline, and guide students to express their responsibilities in the learning process, full -angle thinking, diversified practice, form question, form question, form question, form question, form questions, form question, form question, form question, form question, form question, form question, form question, form question, form question, form question, form question, form question, form question, to form doubts, to form doubts, and to form questions, to form questions, to form doubts, and to form doubts.The scientific spirit of reality and innovation, realize the organic unity of preaching and granting confusion.

  Build a “Runxin” cultural moral education system

  Give full play to the role of Chinese excellent traditional culture in Lide Tree, with the main content of Chinese excellent traditional culture, highlighting the characteristics, Cultivate a new era of small citizens with virtue, love, and good deeds.

  (7) Strengthen patriotic education

  Relying on the red education resources in the region, through visiting the patriotic education base, the series of traditional festival cultural activities, revolutionary traditional educational activities, the red cultural inheritance activities of the landmark war, and the family of love of the hometown are carried out to guide students to enhance their recognition of the motherland,Pride, put the thoughts of “love the country, love hometown, and love school”, and continuously improve the students’ national self -confidence and self -esteem.

  (8) Pay attention to etiquette education

  Carry out a series of etiquette educational activities such as “Etiquette Knowledge”, “Etiquette Latest I Learning”, “I Perform I Performing”, “Etiquette Civilization, and I preach”.Relying on the school’s school -running concept, carry out a series of selection activities such as the “Good Boy in the New Era” to promote the formation of the characteristics of etiquette education with activities, create a good atmosphere of etiquette with activities, cultivate students’ emotions that love Chinese excellent traditional culture, and in the “Runxin” activityBe humble boy.

  (9) Promoting filial piety education

  Carry out activities such as “Six Filial Hearts” and other activities. By giving parents and elders “a greeting, hug, a cup of hot water, a meal food, a housework, a gift”, guide students to inherit and promote the outstanding traditional virtues of China and be a filial piety boy.Know how to return parents, teachers, others and society.

  Build a “Runxing” practical moral education system

  Give full play to the important carrier of practical activities to educate people, strengthen moral cognition in practical activities, form the correct moral concepts, strengthen labor education, attach importance to health education, implement ecological education, take “moisturizing” as the direction, cultivate the life of the meeting, the life of the meeting, the life of the meeting,A new era of treasures and love sports.

  (10) Strengthen labor education

  Deepen the educational function of labor education in inside and outside of primary and secondary schools, enrich the labor practice activities inside and outside the school, expand moral education space, rely on campus, homeland, communities, and pastorals to create a new state of labor education in all -round labor education, guideStudents change the concept of labor, perceive the great labor, and appreciate the hardships of labor, so as to form a correct awareness of labor and cultivate good labor habits and quality.

  (11) Pay attention to health education

  Attach importance to the physical and mental health of students, actively promote the activities of “Double Class” and psychological health education, encourage students to strive for sports experts, and strive to be a sunny boy.Through activities such as campus culture construction, psychological courses, and promotion of sunshine movement, students are guided to persist in exercise, challenge, face frustration, dare to break through, enhance students’ self -care awareness, develop scientific, civilized, and healthy lifestyle and behavioral habits, do to doThere are healthy teenagers with “essence”.

  (12) Implement ecological education

  Incorporate ecological civilization education into the entire process of educating people, give full play to the role of the school’s main channels, strengthen the integration of ecological civilization education in the course of curriculum settings, social practice, and campus activities. Education starts from daily life and small things around., Save energy resources, practice green and low -carbon life, turn the concept of ecological civilization into living habits, and in the process of continuously growing knowledge and increasing experience, focus on cultivating the spirit of students’ knowledge and action, and cultivate students in the future.Action ability.

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