2024 Panzhou Tourism Culture Promotion and Travel Merchants Stepping Campaign was held

From March 27th to 29th, the 2024 Panzhou Tourism Culture Promotion and Traveler’s Step on the “Mountain Flower Bloom · Summer Summer Fangzhou” was successfully held.The purpose of the event is to grasp the hot spots of spring flowers in spring and summer summer avoidance. Through the method of “inviting in”, we will increase publicity and promotion, expand the tourist market for tourism during the peak season, and promote the sustainable development of the tourism and cultural market in Panzhou.
On March 27, the 2024 Panzhou Tourism Culture Promotion Conference held by the “Manshan Flower Kaikai · Summer Summer Anti -Summer Panzhou”, Tan Youyan, member of the Standing Committee of the Panzhou Municipal Party Committee, Minister of Propaganda Department of the Municipal Party Committee, and Minister of the United Front Work Department of the Municipal Party Committee, delivered a speech.In his speech, the person in charge of the Panzhou Cultural Sports, Radio, Film and Television Tourism Bureau made tourism culture promotion, and the representatives of travelers gave a speech.
After the promotion meeting, 75 guests from travelers inside and outside the province participated in the two -day step -by -line activities of Panzhou Tourism Scenic Spot, formats, and specialty products to jointly experience Panzhou’s tourism cultural characteristics.
The guest group inspected and visited the major scenic spots along Panzhou, went to enjoy the magnificence of the Wumeng Prairie, experienced the enthusiastic hospitality of the Yi family, experienced the Kangyang Victory Valley.The Nutrition of Nutrition C and characteristic delicious Panzhou ham.While playing and experience, the guests communicated in depth, enhanced emotional friendship, promoted cooperation and mutual integration, and continued to put forward valuable opinions for Panzhou tourism, to be a preferred and enriched Panzhou tourism industry system.
Through the development of the event, let more friends from other places understand the beauty of Panzhou, provide better quality guarantees for friends who travel to Panpan, welcome tourists in the world with better services, and work with travelers from various places to create a beautiful and win -win beauty.Tomorrow, the tourism brand of “China Liangdu · Summer Summer Fangzhou” is constantly brighter, and the high -quality development of Panzhou tourism industry is emphasized.(Panzhou Municipal People’s Government Network)

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