Explore the deep integration of "health insurance+lifestyle", Ping An Health Insurance releases weight management service solution

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People’s health is an important symbol of the prosperity of the nation and the strength of the country, and it is also the deserved meaning of Chinese -style modernization.This year’s government work report also proposed that we have carried out in -depth China ’s actions and patriotic health campaigns to build a health defense line of the people.

A few days ago, Ping An Health Insurance and the Health Management Branch of the Chinese Medical Society, the China Health Promotion Fund and other institutions jointly held the 2024 Five Lake Health Conference and the 8th China Child Health Management and Great Health Industry Summit, gathered in the medical community and other big coffees., Talk to help the construction of healthy China.During the meeting, Ping An Health Insurance also hosted the “Meeting Better Health Management -Deep Integration of Health Insurance and Lifetime Management” parallel sub -forum, and joined hands with Fuwai Hospital of the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences to release a medical -level weight loss plan -Ping An and HealthInsurance weight management service solution.

In recent years, the people of the people have become more healthy, longevity, and higher -quality living needs. It has also been recognized with scientific, professional, and customized health management services.However, as the development of the Chinese health management service market is still in the initial stage of development, development problems such as insufficient product supply, insufficient service system, and insufficient payment momentum need to be resolved.

Ding Wen, Assistant General Manager of Ping An Health Insurance, said at the forum that as a pioneer in the domestic professional health insurance industry, Ping An Health Insurance actively devoted himself to health insurance and medical and health services, and established the “health insurance+medical health service” dual.The new strategy of the driver and insist on innovating the ability to explore medical and health services. In the past five years, it has accumulated more than 140 million customers.At the same time, actively respond to the “Healthy China 2030” planning policy, explore management medical care, and continuously explore innovation.

In recent years, Ping An Health Insurance has actively deployed hundreds of millions of health management tracks, focusing on healthy dynamic monitoring, focusing on medical insurance integration and co -construction, and sharing value models, forming a new path of “medical+insurance” industry with safety and health insurance characteristicsEssence

According to the World Health Organization’s data on March 1, the “Liuye knife” data, more than 1 billion people around the world suffered from obesity in 2022.From 1990 to 2022, adults with obesity worldwide increased more than doubled.In China, the prevalence of overweight and obesity of adults exceeds 50%.Ultra -weight and obesity are important pathogenic factor of chronic non -infectious diseases such as type 2 diabetes, stroke, coronary heart disease, and hypertension. While affecting personal health, it will also cause the burden on public medical and health resources, medical expenses, and expenses.A series of chain reactions such as decreased production efficiency and economic development deceleration.Therefore, grasping weight management, grasping the first nose of health and reducing the prevalence of overweight obesity is of great significance to the health of individuals and society.

How to manage weight and effectively and effectively based on a healthy lifestyle?At the meeting, Ping An Health Insurance issued innovative and developed lifestyle medical research and development product transformation services -Ping An Health Insurance Weight Management Service Program is committed to providing users with medical weight reduction prescriptions.The value goal of becoming a simple thing.

Lin Sheng, Assistant General Manager of Ping An Health Insurance and General Manager of the Medical and Health Operation Center, said that Ping An Health Insurance is the first to publish a weight management service plan in the industry, and has three major advantages of authoritative cooperation, efficient and long -term, and personalized customization.Ping An Health Insurance Authoritative Cooperation of Fuwai Hospital of the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, based on the scientific research results of the health lifestyle medical center, through strict scientific experiments and data analysis to ensure the scientificity and effectiveness of the weight loss plan.The plan is based on the weight loss of healthy lifestyles, and establishes five dimensions of nutrition, exercise, psychology, sleep, and medical history to help overweight/obese people, three high groups, fitness people, shaped people and other customers to establish health to establish healthThe lifestyle of lifestyle achieves long -term and stable weight loss effects.At the same time, according to the user’s physical condition and weight loss needs, tailor -made exercise, nutrition, sleep, and psychological “four -dimensional” weight loss plan, including exercise prescriptions, nutritional prescriptions, sleep prescriptions, psychological prescriptions, etc. customized by Fuwai experts, etc.Wait for users to match the reasonable and appropriate amount of exercise under the premise of eating and eating well to achieve the goal of weight loss scientifically.

According to reports, the weight management service solution is one of the measures for Ping An Health Insurance to deeply cultivate the health management track.In the future, it will also launch sugar control, pressure control, fat control health management solutions for slow -ill people, and full -tasking healthy lifestyle management plans for healthy sub -healthy people.

The “Healthy China 2030 Planning Outline” emphasizes the transformation from centered on treatment to health prevention, and the people’s demand for health has also transformed from cure to no disease, less illness, and late illness.Commercial health insurance, as an important means to protect the health of the people, in addition to providing insurance protection for patients, also provides healthy customers with health education, health promotion, health management, and health guarantee for health customers.Lin Sheng said that around the people’s comprehensive full -cycle health services, Ping An Health Insurance will continue to deeply cultivate the five major tracks of health management programs, including: formulate health tasks to support dynamic monitoring to enhance the awareness of the masses; jointly build a scientific research model, and will be a joint scientific research model.Productization of scientific research achievements; build the intermediate courtyard model of the hospital, provide a service system for the full life cycle of the anti -diagnosis and treatment of treatment; collaborate into the graded diagnosis and treatment model, sink high -quality medical resources; optimize the people’s medical treatment experience and reduce the asymmetry of medical information.

Facing the future, Ping An Health Insurance will rely on Ping An Group’s “Comprehensive Finance+Medical Health” advantage to adhere to the “health insurance+medical health service” two -wheel drive strategy, continue to promote the deep integration of health insurance and lifestyle management, meet customer medical and health service needsUse professionalism to create the ultimate experience of “worry -free, time -saving, and money”.

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