Zhongxin Health | MRNA technology superimposed AI Chinese biomedical enterprises are committed to reshaping the industrial structure

  China News Service, March 26 (Reporter Chen Jing) Scientific research found that there is a “middleman” between DNA and protein, responsible for conveying information, MRNA is this “middleman”.As an emerging treatment strategy, MRNA technology has attracted widespread attention.Combining advanced MRNA technology platforms with AI algorithms, and applied to the development of drugs and vaccine, it can greatly speed up the efficiency and change the industrial development pattern.

  The reporter learned in the visit on the 26th that based on its independent and controllable MRNA technology platform, China Innovation Pharmaceutical Companies focused on “blue oceans” with huge clinical needs but lacking targeted drugs, and developed MRNA innovative drugs and vaccines with independent intellectual property rightsEssence

  Luo Yongqing, CEO of Genting Xinyao, revealed in an interview that day that through previous cooperation, companies have launched upgrading while digesting and absorbing Canadian Providence Therapeutics MRNA technology.Today, the R & D team is using clinical verified MRNA technology platforms to quickly promote multiple projects, and its self -developed MRNA vaccine pipeline has entered a period of rapid development.He told reporters that the annual production capacity of GMP (“good production specifications”) production bases located in Zhejiang Jiashan MRNA vaccine can reach 700 million doses.

  High -efficiency delivery technology is the guarantee of MRNA therapy.In this regard, Luo Yongqing said that in addition to using the introduction of delivery technology, the enterprise is also independently developed and developed a new generation of lipid nanoparticles (LNP) delivery systems to enhance cell -mediated immune response.

  It is understood that theoretically, MRNA can express any protein and explore almost all protein -based diseases.Rich targets and high safety are the prominent advantages of MRNA drugs and vaccines.Li Xiuling, general manager of Shanghai Biological Products Research Institute, once said that MRNA technology is a universal platform -type technology. It has a wide range of application scenarios and huge potential.Ability and protection of the people’s health are of great significance.

  In the past, drug development was generally one -time, that is, the molecules that focused on identifying a specific target for research, and it was usually not suitable for another disease goal.In the interview, the reporter learned that MRNA was regarded as a “software” that could be rewritten.When MRNA technology builds a technology platform similar to the digital field, it is more similar to forming a shared development model, making drugs and vaccines based on the same platform. It can be used to prevent infectious disease prevention and cancer treatment.This subverts the drug development model and significantly improves the productivity level of drug development.This means that the protein or intracellular protein that used to be difficult to feed in the past can be expressed by the mRNA, and the immunogenicity is controllable, and the metabolic products are pure and natural.The MRNA technology platform can realize the integration of “nucleic acid+delivery”. Its wide application scenarios and huge potential.

  In recent years, the AI algorithm has been applied more and more in the field of biomedical.Traditional drug development usually needs to go through many years of development process, which costs hugely and has a high failure rate.The development of new drugs with the AI drug platform has greatly improved efficiency, and time and costs have decreased significantly.Not long ago, Chinese biotechnology enterprise Yingsilia Intelligence published a paper on AI pharmaceuticals in NaturebioTechnology in NaturebioTech Nature.The company has attracted much attention to the development of AI drugs worldwide.

  MRNA technology superimposed AI is expected to reshape the industrial structure.”MRNA technology must be combined with algorithms such as AI and machine learning to develop rapidly.” Luo Yongqing admits that through wide use of biomedical data, we can quickly find new potential treatment targets; use AI and other algorithms for sequence design to take into account chemical stability and stabilitySexuality, translation efficiency, and immunogenicity, etc., may find optimal solutions in gene astronomical arrangements, and finally push candidate to clinical applications in combination with experimental data.

  Talking about the self -developed MRNA tumor treatment vaccine, Luo Yongqing pointed out that the personalized mRNA tumor treatment vaccine is to clarify the genetic mutations of patient tumor tissue by sequencing, and find the immunogenic antigen sequence through algorithm.The product of the new antigen sequence of the tumor returns to the patient’s body and stimulates the production of a special T cell attack tumor.He revealed that Genting New Yao’s autonomous intellectual property mRNA tumor therapeutic vaccine is expected to enter the clinical stage this year.

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