Wulingyuan District Education Bureau: Famous teachers lead the development of long -term teaching and research

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  Huasheng Online March 26 (Correspondent Liu Hui
Mao Yilin) Famous schools lead the future, and high -quality empowerment development.In order to create a famous school teacher in Wulingyuan and achieve the high -quality development of school education, the Education Bureau of Wulingyuan District, Zhangjiajie City passed “introduction
The way to go out “is to” match the bridge “for the famous school Nanjing East Road Primary School and Wulingyuan District Military Elementary School, to promote pairing assistance, regularly carry out” joint teaching and research promotion and improvement, high -quality resource sharing “activities, strengthen the backbone teachers of the two schoolsLearn and communicate, empower the professional development of teachers, and jointly build a “school+base” community. Recently, a group of 5 people in Nanjing Beijing East Road Primary School’s famous division team came to the military land primary school to carry out joint teaching and research activities.

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  Vice President Wu Xian is a famous teacher in Jiangsu Province and a young and middle -aged talent in Nanjing.He took a mathematical lesson “Knowing Comparison” in Class 112 of the fifth grade, presenting a high -quality and efficient demonstration course for everyone.Before class, he asked the students to clearly study the tasks.In the classroom, let students cooperate and learn in the group, and ask valuable issues. The teacher will classify the problems and solve them one by one.Students gradually recognize the relationship between scores, divisions and comparisons in cooperation, exchanges, and reports.The entire classroom has always allowed students to learn proactively. Teachers and students interaction and life interaction make the classroom full of openness, tolerance and harmony.

  Zuo Haixia, deputy director of the Teaching Department of Beijing East Road Primary School, is the leader of the Chinese language discipline in Nanjing. He has won the first prize of the Basic Gongci Contest of the Young Teacher in Jiangsu Province.She brought everyone the first grade writing lesson “My Mood Tree”, creating a situation in the form of “Mood Tree” and “Mood Leaf”.”Performing the mood and writing mood” four sections.In the class, she first opened the spark of thinking in combination with the mood words in the Chinese garden, so that the students would say the mood she wanted to say, and then used the picture book example to build a language expression support to let the students say their moods specific and vivid.The whole lesson is like the clouds flowing, and the layers of progress are progressive, and the silk is buckled. It is wonderful, fully mobilizing the children’s individual emotional experience, making children happy to express and writing.

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  He Dong is the general counselor of Beijing East Road Primary School, an excellent science and technology counselor in Jiangsu Province, and an excellent science and technology tutor in Nanjing.His fourth grade scientific course- “Light Light Bullet” runs through the new concept of “scientific learning must be based on inquiry”. During the classroom teaching process, teachers always lead students to experience in the inquiry and experience in the experience, in experience, in experienceExploring and perception in learning allow students to fully feel the fun and significance of scientific inquiry.

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  In the teaching and research salon activity, Wu Xian gave a lecture entitled “Let Children Learning in the Middle School Learning”, answered questions on the spot, and shared the method of how to improve the potential of students and how to effectively make the group cooperation mechanism, and opened the teachers.The teaching ideas have broaden the teaching horizons of teachers.Zuo Haixia shared some experiences and experiences about composition teaching through the theme salon “Promoting Writing Teaching with Real Situation”.Low school segments should pay attention to stimulating students to express boldly, take care of students at different levels, and actively give post -class evaluation.Such as: “Little Book” published and “One -sentence writer” selection and other activities.

  Learning and exchanges promote growth, and summarize reflection and improvement.This joint teaching and research activity not only led teachers to actively explore the progress in the new round of teaching reform, but also injected new vitality into the comprehensive development of students in the two places.In the next step, the schools of both sides will continue to strengthen cooperation to jointly explore the new ideas and methods of education and teaching, and contribute wisdom and strength to cultivate more outstanding talents for the motherland.

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