Rectify adolescent racing!Zhengzhou Public Security and Education Joint Power

  Recently, the streets of Zhengzhou have continuously appeared in traffic violations such as driving electric vehicles, motorcycles over speed dazzling skills, drag racing streets, etc., disturbing normal road traffic and living order, and there are large hidden dangers of road safety.According to statistics, since 2022, there have been 3,662 traffic accidents involving electric vehicles and motorcycles in Zhengzhou, causing 3,454 injuries and 39 deaths.

  On the afternoon of March 18th, Zhengzhou Changtong Office led the city and district levelThe departments and some schools held a “strengthening city traffic safety work conference” at the Public Security and Transportation Administration to carry out joint governance operations on traffic violations such as driving modification electric vehicles and motorcycles.

  At the meeting, the young people produced by the Zhengzhou Public Security Traffic Management Department drove the modified electric vehicle, motorcycle over -speed dazzling skills, the traffic violations of drag racing streets, and the video of traffic accidents caused by the triggered.The picture was shocking, and the person in charge of the participating departments and schools was very shocked and deeply felt.

  The Zhengzhou Public Security Traffic Management Department also reported the investigation and punishment of traffic violations such as recent traffic police on drag racing streets and super -speed dazzling techniques, as well as traffic accidents involving students’ riding electric vehicles and motorcycles.

  Some schools involving students participating in the drag racing street and overspeed techniques, and the heads of the District Education Bureau made a statement, saying that they would go deep into the students, pay close attention to investigation, highlight prevention, strengthen early warning, joint home and school linkage, police school joint, publicity and education, publicity and education, and publicity and education.Safety management, implementing accountability, eliminating the occurrence of such traffic violations and hidden danger.

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