Sudden water pollution environment Emergency command "Guan Chart Combat" 94%of Hunan River to realize "one river, one strategy and one picture"

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(“One river, one policy, one picture” realizes the Xiangnan Water-Pingshui Basin cross-border emergencies and the emergency exercise “Map Battle”.

Huasheng Online March 21 (All Media Reporter Peng Yahui) March 22 is “World Water Day”.Today, the Provincial Department of Ecology and Environment released news that 94%of the river in Hunan completed the preparation of the “one river, one policy, one picture” environmental emergency response plan, marking that our province has taken one in the construction of emergency response systems in key rivers and rivers.Big step.

In order to thoroughly fight the protection and repair battles of the Yangtze River, ensure the ecological water consumption of important rivers and lakes, and effectively improve the ecological quality of the water, the province selects 67 important rivers to compile the environmental emergency response scheme of “one river, one policy, one picture”.After field surveys of key rivers and basins, basic information such as environmental risk sources, environmental sensitivity goals, hydrological water systems, environmental emergency spaces and facilities, and environmental emergency materials in the basin of key rivers and watersheds.Full investigations on buildings and places where pollutants storage and storage of pollutants are conducted. The risk sources, sensitive points and emergency resources of the nuclear clearing line have established a typical emergencies of environmental incidents for 63 rivers to complete the “The preparation of one river, one strategy and one strategy, once emergency water pollution and environmental incident can achieve emergency command “hanging chart operations”.

In November 2023, for the first time in our province, a joint emergency drill in the cross-border emergencies of the Pingshui Basin in the Pingshui Basin in our province was jointly emergency exercise.More than 20 times, achieved a complete success.

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