Criticism in the Age of James Information Explosion

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According to U.S. media reports, former NBA player Eddie Johnson talked about James on the “SiriusXM NBA Radio” program.

Johnson said, “In the Jordan era, the way people understood ballplayers was completely different from now. Back then, the media didn’t travel as fast as it does now, and people had to go buy a newspaper or turn on the radio if they wanted to learn about a player. In the James era, people can get information anytime, anywhere, through a variety of channels. That meant people criticized James more often, too.”

Criticism in the Age of James Information Explosion

Johnson believes that James lives in a more critical era. People sometimes criticize James, but they likely know nothing about basketball. They only know how to criticize others. They don’t take the time to think for themselves, they just go with the flow.

Johnson said he’s not saying everyone is like that. He thinks there’s still a group of people who take basketball seriously, who watch the games and learn about the sport. But he also wants people to look at James more rationally and not criticize him for things that don’t matter.

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