Israeli Team’s US Tour: Unshakable Unity

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The Israeli basketball players from Maccabi Ra’anana played against the Brooklyn Nets, but their focus was on conveying an important message during the start of their US tour. Coach Yehu Orland emphasized that the significance was in showing the world that they are unbreakable, despite the challenges they face back home.

“People at home said it was important that we play so the whole world knows that nothing can break us,” Maccabi coach Yehu Orland told the New York Post after the 103-135 test.

The second-division team from the Israeli National League was already in the U.S. when Hamas launched its terror attack on Israel on Saturday. Maccabi Ra’anana is playing two more preseason games on its U.S. tour, and it’s sending an important message. “Our young people need to know that there is still hope,” Orland said.

Israeli Team’s US Tour: Unshakable Unity

Prior to Thursday’s game (local time), a moment of silence was held, and the Brooklyn Nets expressed their support. In a statement, the club declared, “We unite against terror, and our hearts go out to all those impacted by these tragic events.” The Israeli team’s U.S. tour will proceed with games against the Cleveland Cavaliers on Monday and the Minnesota Timberwolves on Tuesday.

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