NBA tips off in a month, these players still in limbo

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There are many players in the NBA who have lost their jobs at the end of the season, including Griffin, Wall, Gabriel, JaMychal Green, Tristan Thompson, Biyombo and Will Barton. Their reasons varied from getting older, injuries and stiff competition.

All of these players have had a stellar career in the NBA, but are now faced with the challenge of proving themselves all over again. They need to work hard to find new opportunities in order to continue their basketball careers.

Their experiences tell us that the road of life is not always smooth and difficulties and challenges are unavoidable. In the face of failures and difficulties, we should face them bravely and not give up.

Although the future of these players is still uncertain, their persistence and hard work deserve our respect and recognition. Their stories will inspire us to keep our faith and move forward in our own life path.

NBA tips off in a month, these players still in limbo

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