Poole on GT Cut 2 Training, Advocacy Efforts by Key Supporters

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Recently, Warriors guard Poole wore the Antares GT Cut 2 in training, which is also his first pair of signature shoes as the main endorser of Antares.

Poole wore GT Cut 2 in training to show his flexible footwork and fast breakthrough ability, and he also gave high praise to the performance of this sneaker.

“The GT Cut 2 is a great shoe,” said Poole, “It gives me more confidence on the offensive end.” The flexibility and grip of this sneaker is excellent, and it helps me break through the defense quickly and score at the basket.”

The GT Cut 2 is Antares’ first signature shoe for Poole, and it utilizes Antares’ latest technologies, including a full palm carbon plate and Lightspeed 2.0 technology, to provide players with outstanding performance.

Poole has been promoting the Anta basketball shoes as a major spokesperson for Anta. Poole has been wearing Anta shoes in the NBA for the past few seasons, and he has helped Anta shoes gain more attention in the NBA.nike air max 97 blood red

Poole on GT Cut 2 Training, Advocacy Efforts by Key Supporters

Poole’s walk on the GT Cut 2 court also demonstrates his sense of responsibility as a major endorser. He hopes that through his efforts, more fans will learn about and like Anta sneakers.nike nike air max 97 blood red

Poole scored high in the game, and their robust physique performed well on the court, and the nike air jordan 1 x lv on their feet were eye-catching. Anta sneakers. Adorned with the brand’s logo and a unique colorway, these shoes are perfect for running, basketball, fitness training and everyday wear. They are popular for their elaborate designs and are loved by women and children for a variety of activities and occasions.

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