NBA’s Top 5 Superstars

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The NBA league thrives on the legacy of great players. Almost every decade, a superstar emerges from the NBA who takes up the torch of their predecessors and brings the NBA to new heights. Both Kobe and James were youngsters when they first entered the league, but they seized the opportunity to decide on important moments and create historic moments for the league.

In the first place, Kobe’s classic game was against the Raptors in 2006. The Lakers were trailing by 14 points at halftime, and Kobe decided to get his arms up. In the second half, he launched a solo scoring show, and eventually led his team to a comeback, breaking the NBA’s all-time single-game scoring record by scoring 81 points!

In second place, Iverson’s classic moment occurred in Game 1 of the 2001 Finals. He and the 76ers against the Lakers, the game into overtime. In the final moments, Iverson’s jumper over Tyronn Lue became one of the most famous NBA images in history.

In third place, James’ classic play against the Celtics in 2012. At this point, James was trying to break through the rival Celtics, a crucial game in which he scored 45 points, 15 rebounds and 5 assists, overcoming his opponents’ and his own demons to win for the Heat.

In fourth place, O’Neal’s feat occurred against the Clippers in 2000. After O’Neal was denied tickets for his family, he angrily scored 61 points and 23 rebounds, turning his anger into power and demonstrating his dominance.

NBA’s Top 5 Superstars

In fifth place, Ray Allen’s historic three-point play came in the 2013 Finals. The Heat were trailing in the final moments of the Finals, but Ray Allen hit a three from the corner to tie the game, ultimately helping the Heat go to overtime and ultimately win the championship.

These classic moments highlight the greatness of these superstars and also add a precious chapter to NBA history.

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